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Father Seeks Support To Fund His Son’s Overseas Treatment

Omar Camara father of the sick child


Mustapha Ceesay

Omar Camara, the Father of a 2-year-old boy [name withheld] is seeking financial support from the government, organisations, philanthropists, and individuals to fund his son’s overseas treatment in India.

His son, the 2 year 8 months child has been diagnosed at the Edward Francis Small Teaching Hospital with congestive heart failure secondary to dilated cardiomyopathy and left ventricular thrombus.

The boy recently developed a facial puffiness and limb swelling which is increasingly getting worse daily and has been battling with life-threatening ailments.

The medical report by the Gambia’s main referral hospital recommended him to “benefit from cardiologist consultation/evolution and possible treatment”, which is not available in the country, according to a practitioner this reporter consulted. 

“From the report, there are all indications that he should go for treatment,” the practitioner remarked.

The less than 3-year-old’s family has contacted BLK Super Speciality Hospital in India for admission. The hospital responded on 22th June and sent the family the cost of the treatment in an invoice with the reference number- BLK/IPL-Q/2021/JUNE/169.

The estimated cost for the boy’s treatment alone at the Indian facility is D125, 000 – 150, 000 [USD 2500-3000], a sum his family has no means to afford. Thus, compelled his father to seek financial support to save his child’s life.

“My child is sick. He was seven months old when he caught the ailment. He has had a thigh injury since he was seven months old. We tried several times but we could not cure him until the thigh injury has now affected his bone [femur]. He now cannot sit and use the toilet. We have been going back and forth to Banjul more than a year now.

“Now, the doctors have informed us again that he has a heart problem different from the thigh injury. The doctors said they can only give him medicine here but cannot cure him. They said he could only get treatment overseas. They said it is a heart failure, and it cannot be cured here.

“I have been struggling for a long time now without progress. That is why I am compelled to come out to appeal to anyone who can help in The Gambia, or outside the Gambia so that we can cure the child overseas. We already got a hospital in India, which has sent us a bill and assured us that if he reaches there, they can cure him. But the problem is that I cannot do it because I don’t have the money. The child is 2 years 8 months,” the father of the sick boy, appealed.

In a bid to raise funds for the treatment to save the young lad’s life, a go-fund-me campaign has been launched. However, less than €1, 000 has been raised as of 13th July 2021.

For any assistance, the father of the boy can be reached on 7295275 / 6113524, o002203482058 [WhatsApp].


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