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The President is the EXECUTIVE – Executive Powers belongs to him!


Quite a number of us did propagate for cabinet reshuffle because, viewing from outside, our perception was that Barrow was running a seemingly loose cabinet and government, which doesn’t seem to be under his firm control and that led to:-

1. Not much progress towards the direction we anticipated the Barrow ‘transitional’ government to head

2. Cabinet lack concentration and cabinet members spend a lot of time politicking and building up their parties for the future.

Now that the reshuffle had taken place, conspiracy theories are flying around – blame the game of politics but we must move on. It’s difficult to satisfy a diverse nation, so eager for change from pass but let’s just wish the new cabinet well and thank those relieved for their sacrifice and service to Gambia. What is clear however is, changes comes with its own price, sometimes it would be so expensive and not what me or someone else who are not in position to influence would wish, but what’s important is for us all to wish that the change delivers us to the promise land – a Cabinet that’s more organise and result focus, an Executive that focuses on the reform agenda that premised the election of December 2016.

My desire for a reshuffle was a non political call and that’s why with the caliber of the additions + the move a rounds, I’m optimistic for a proactive and not reactive government, one that will address our immediate needs as a people.

By Bakary Badgie, a former independent arspirant for Kanifing Municipality

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