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Signals Of Distress In Adama Barrow’s Presidency: The Departure Of Chairman Saikou Jawara

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Kemo Bojang, UDP Youth Leader

By Kemo Bojang

When the chairman of an entire area council, Saikou Jawara, decides to depart, it serves as a poignant indicator of the difficulties confronting The Gambia. While the migration of young people often signifies challenging times for a nation, the exit of such a prominent figure suggests a prevailing sense of hopelessness, particularly within the ruling party and the government he was once a part of.

Saikou Jawara’s departure can be distilled to a singular cause: he, like many others, has lost confidence in President Adama Barrow’s leadership and views leaving The Gambia as the sole viable option.

The underlying reasons behind this disconcerting trend are multifaceted. The escalating cost of living stands out as a significant factor, compelling individuals like Saikou Jawara to seek more promising opportunities abroad.

Moreover, the mounting issues related to drug abuse and crime rates paint a grim picture of the country, casting doubts on President Barrow’s capability to address these challenges. This not only affects individuals like Saikou Jawara but also reverberates throughout the entire Gambian population.

Critics argue that these signs of discontent and disillusionment point to a more substantial issue: Adama Barrow may not be the right leader for The Gambia. Saikou Jawara’s departure symbolizes a broader sentiment of dissatisfaction that necessitates attention, potentially through a change in government to usher in a new beginning with the UDP, offering clear policies and solutions to the nation’s problems.

The Gambia, with its untapped potential, deserves leadership that instills hope, confidence, and actively addresses the challenges faced by its people. As Saikou Jawara aligns with others seeking opportunities beyond the country’s borders, it serves as a clarion call for everyone to reflect on the current state of affairs and reconsider the leadership shaping The Gambia’s future.

Hon Kemo Bojang
UDP Youth Leader

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