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‘“Senegambian Bridge” product of Pres. Barrow’s strong political will’


President Adama Barrow said the construction of the bridge will end “centuries of traveling difficulties”. 

The Senegalese president Macky Sall has paid tribute to President Adama Barrow for his role in the construction of the Trans-Gambia bridge which was inaugurated by the two leaders on Monday.

“This bridge could not have been achieved without the political will of President Barrow…,” said Macky Sall.

Jointly inaugurated by Presidents Barrow and Sall, the Trans-Gambia bridge is constructed on a major trade route connecting the North and South of Senegal through Gambia.

The building of the bridge is central to Senegal’s strategy in improving economic condition of people in Cassamance, south of the country ravaged by rebellion for over three decades.

The 1.9 kilometers bridge also connect Gambia’s south and north banks which is divided by River Gambia, thus making it an important trade link within Gambia.

Three successful Senegalese presidents could not succeed in getting the cooperation of previous Gambian presidents, Dawda Kairaba Jawara and Yahya Jammeh, in building the water-way which is why it is also crucial in Sall’s reelection campaign. Senegal goes to polls on February 24, 2019.

President Barrow said the construction of the bridge ends “centuries of travelling difficulties”. Barrow said the bridge will be beneficial to businesses especially agriculturalist whose crops perishes as a result of delays caused by ferry crossing.

Barrow said the bridge is “hereby named the Senegambian Bridge”.

The contractors said the bridge is constructed to last for 100 years. For about a year, the bridge will be closed to heavy trucks as it nears its ultimate completion, the authorities said.

The governor of the North Bank Region, Ebrima Dampha, said the project will boost trade and agricultural productivity in both countries.

The building of the bridge was funded by the African Development Bank.

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