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Sabally Believes Majority of Gambians Support His Decision to Join President Barrow’s Party

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Momodou Sabally, a member of the National People’s Party

By Buba Gagigo

Momodou Sabally, once the Campaign Manager for the United Democratic Party (UDP), asserts that a significant portion of Gambian citizens favored his decision to align with the president for the nation’s advancement.

Reflecting on his past affiliation with the UDP, Sabally expressed his deep attachment to the party and its supporters. However, he recognized a pivotal moment where he deemed it imperative to contribute his expertise and understanding to the government’s efforts to drive the nation’s progress.

“I was in UDP, the party loved me and I loved the party too. The party supporters love me and I love them too. I tried for them what I could, but I observed that it was time to join the president who is leading this country. So that I can add what I do and what I understand to the government and work for the country,” Sabally told Star TV.

Highlighting his concerns over the trajectory of Gambian politics, Sabally emphasized the paramount importance of placing the country’s welfare above all else.

“I have my aims and objectives, but the citizens also have their aims and objectives. I know NPP who have the majority in the country, 95 percent of them wanted me to join NPP. Even Those who are not into politics, the majority of Gambians wanted me to join the government and work with the government. There are a lot of reasons, I don’t rush on things. I analyze things and realized that it is in the interest of the country for me to join the president and help him to work for the country, especially to help the youth. I believe if am with President Barrow, what I will be able to do for the Youths, the country’s development and peace, I cannot do it when am in the opposition,” he said.

Momodou Sabally was the former campaign manager of UDP, but now he is a member of NPP, the party of President Barrow.

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