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Renowned Legal Luminary ANM Ousainu Darboe Marks 50 Years of Legal Excellence

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ANM Ousainu Darboe

By Ousman Ceesay

The Gambian legal fraternity is today celebrating a true icon of legal excellence, Senior Counsel ANM Ousainu Darboe, as he commemorates an extraordinary 50 years of unwavering service to the profession.

Mr. Darboe’s illustrious career has played a transformative role in shaping the Gambia’s legal landscape, leaving an indelible mark on the nation’s judicial system. His unwavering commitment to upholding the rule of law and promoting human rights has earned him the admiration and respect of peers, clients, and the wider community.

Throughout his five decades of practice, Mr. Darboe has consistently championed the cause of justice, fearlessly defending the rights of individuals and advocating for the protection of fundamental freedoms. His unwavering dedication to ethical legal practice has set an exemplary standard for generations of lawyers to follow. As a pioneer in the field of human rights law, Mr. Darboe’s contributions have been particularly noteworthy. He has played a pivotal role in advancing the rights of women, children, and marginalized groups, tirelessly advocating for their protection and empowerment.

As Senior Counsel ANM Ousainu Darboe celebrates this significant milestone, his peers and the legal community at large join in applauding his outstanding achievements and expressing gratitude for his enduring contributions to the field of law in The Gambia.

Marking this momentous occasion, Lawyer Abdoulie Fatty, an accomplished litigator in his own right, took to Twitter to express his admiration: “Mr. Darboe has had a profound impact on Gambian jurisprudence. He’s a walking encyclopedia of law/authorities. He’s been involved in some of the most cited cases (Fatou Badjie v Joseph Bassen) on declaration of land ownership. He’s one of the strong pillars of the Gambian Bar. A real gem.”

Mr. Darboe’s legacy extends beyond the courtroom. He has been actively involved in promoting legal education and mentorship, nurturing the next generation of Gambian lawyers. His passion for the law and his commitment to shaping a just and equitable society have inspired countless individuals.

Mr. Junkung Jobarteh, another up-and-coming lawyer in the Gambian legal fraternity, said: “Congratulations, senior counsel @⁨VP Darboe⁩, on reaching 50 years of outstanding legal practice in The Gambia! Your dedication to the legal profession is truly commendable.”

As The Gambia pays tribute to Senior Counsel ANM Ousainu Darboe on this momentous occasion, it is not only a celebration of an individual’s remarkable career, but also a reflection of the enduring values of justice and integrity that he has championed throughout his 50-year journey in the legal realm.