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Press Release: Gambia Alliance for National Unity

Hon. Sheikh Tijan Hydara,
Secretary General and Leader
of GANU.



The Gambia Alliance
for National Unity (GANU) has learntwith great shock and sadness, an audio making rounds on social media, in which the Wolof tribe has been seriouslycastigated, insulted and disrespected by an unidentified(Gambian) man, who is reportedly residing in the Diaspora.

Such act is beyond the limits of democracy and tantamounts tohate speech, hence it has the potentials of sparking tribal conflict in our modern day society. GANU condemns it in thestrongest terms as it is undone, rude, nasty and uncalled for.

In the recent past we have witnessed similar cases wheredifferent people from various tribes circulated audios of somepeople engaging into tribalism by insulting one tribe and another. We are fed up with such an ugly behaviour as it hasno place in decent society. Insulting one another must stop and must not be encouraged at all. This is neither democracy norfreedom or free speec, as freedom does not give anyone theright to offend another person or group.

Such issues are threats to national security and must becondemned as it can trigger tribal war if not resolved.

Therefore, it  is imperative for The Gambia Government on the other hand to look into such issues that can spark tribal conflict in our country and ensure that the defaulters arereprimanded according to the rule of law.

We cannot continue to live in such a society where politics oftribal sentiments, hate speech and lies become the order of theday. Such act is barbaric, outdated and excommunicated and must be stopped immediately. We should rather think of howto solve our society’s problems, as well as contributeeffectively towards national development, unity, strengthenthe existing peace and stability we have before too late.

The Gambia is a land of peace and tranquility and this must benurtured at all times.




Hon. Sheikh Tijan Hydara,

Secretary General and Leader

of GANU.

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