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PPP Leader Admits Party Not Strong To Contest And Win December Election

Kebba Jallow



By Landing Ceesay

The People’s Progressive Party [PPP] leader has admitted that his party is not strong enough to contest and win the December presidential election.

“If you have a simple majority you are the president, that’s what is happening. We are still working on the 1997 Constitution that is the simple majority. As you know, the party [PPP] is not that strong enough, to be honest with you. We cannot put a candidate and win with a simple Majority,” Kebba Jallow revealed at a press conference on Thursday.

He said since the party is not strong enough to win the next election, they have to look for the best option, which is to form a coalition with President Adama Barrow, saying ‘the best of the best is President Barrow’.

The PPP party sometime last year announced that they would not put up a candidate to contest in the December 4, 2021 presidential election, but will fully back President Barrow and his NPP party.

Asked whether the PPP believes that forming a coalition with President Barrow will give the party more power to prepare for the 2026 presidential election; Duta Kamaso, the National President said they are nurturing young people who will be ready to contest before 2026.

“In PPP we have young intellectuals and we are nurturing and mentoring them by 2026, these intellectuals both here and diaspora, men and women will be ready and PPP will be ready to contest any election in the Gambia,” she stated.

The two senior members of the former ruling party now in opposition made these remarks on Thursday 24th June 2021 at the Bureau in Tobokoto.


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