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Police investigate the reported killing of a UTG student


The spokesperson national anti-narcotic agency Ousman Saidybah said they did not have any sanctioned operation within the Kanifing Municipality yesterday.

Kerr Fatou has learned that one Kebba Secka has been stabbed to death by an individual who reportedly claimed to be an officer of the Drug Law Enforcement Agency The Gambia (DLEAG).

Secka, a student at the University of the Gambia School of Business and Public Administration had reportedly gotten into an altercation with the unnamed “agent” who stabbed him to death in Kololi Taban.

Information received by Kerr Fatou has indicated that the claimed anti-narcotic agent got into a scuffle with Secka when the student refused his search on ground that the “agent” showed not official identification.

The spokesperson of the DLEAG told Kerr Fatou that they have also heard of the incident but this could be a case of impersonation.

The DLEAG spokesperson Ousman Saidybah said they did not have any sanctioned operation within the Kanifing Municipality yesterday.

Saidybah said the incident is being investigated and they do not want to pre-empt the findings. However, he said based on the information available to them, none of their officers are involved in any official operations on Tuesday within the area the incident occurred.

“Our officers were not in any sanctioned operations within the KMC as of yesterday… So officially, none of our officers are involved in this (killing incident) based on the preliminary information available to us,” said Saidybah.

Saidybah said if their officers are nevertheless found to be involved in the incident, appropriate actions will be taken against any such individual.

Meanwhile, the police spokesperson Lamin Njie has told Kerr Fatou that they are aware of the incident and the police are investigating.

Njie said they could not confirm if the person involved in the incident is a serving member of the national anti-narcotic agency.

According to the official procedures, if the police confirmed person involved in the incident is found to be an agent of the national anti-narcotic agency, the DLEAG would be informed and the person will be suspended pending investigation, said Saidybah.  

Njie said they have gotten confirmation of Secka’s death but the investigators are yet to confirm how he died and who may be responsible.

“We are not able to determine if he has been killed by a narcotic officer… We will leave those details for the investigators,” said Njie.



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