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Pan-African Network For Artistic Freedom Gambia Chapter Launched

Participants at the PANAF launch on 18th June 2022

By Ramatoulie Jawo

Team Gom Sa Bopa on Saturday launched the Pan African Network for Artistic Freedom (PANAF) Chapter in The Gambia.

Killa Ace, President, Team Gom Sa Bopa said PANAF would allow stakeholders to work together to develop a unified voice for artistes, and producers advocating for artistic freedom in the music and film industries in the Gambia to connect.

SELAM spearheaded the project, and its Regional Programme Director, Lucy LLado said there would be a PANAF online platform for members to discuss, and share their thoughts on the subject.

“We also see this platform as a place where people may collaborate on other projects and gain access to other platforms and networks that could help the industry expand,” she said.

SELAM Regional Programme Director said they should also venture into research, monitoring and documentation of violations and dialogue with government agencies.

She continued that PANAF would lobby and support policy actions for freedom of creative expression at national and regional levels.

“We encourage all stakeholders to come together to advocate for and support processes that guarantee Gambian artistes’ economic independence from their works, notably in the area of copyright and royalty collection and distribution, to ensure proper management, transparency, and good will,” Lucy urged

Sanna Jawara , a cultural Lawyer said it’s high  time for  Gambians to take up the copyright law in the country to boast their creativity.

Pa Modou Sarr, President Musicians Union of the Gambia said the Gambian music industry needs more support so that they can help to support the growth of the young ones.

PANAF was established in November 2021 in response to the need of an active and inclusive regional voice in the creative sector that could raise awareness of incidents of artistic freedom violations and collaborate with artistic rights advocates in regional and national advocacy efforts.

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