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Opinion: Letter To Mark Zuckerberg

Muhammed Kanyi is a YALI Spirit Awardee and Country Director

Dear Mark Zuckerberg

The Republic of The Gambia is a small West African nation blessed with abundant sunshine and beautiful sandy beaches, sadly one of the poorest in the world. 

Despite our data charges remaining one of the most expensive the world has even seen, a good percentage of our young people remain glued to Facebook to connect with their friends and families around town and beyond.

It truly hurts us Sir, that your institution has decided, we hope temporarily, suspend one of the country’s #most vibrant online platform ever. Now forced to assume the name What’s On-Gambia PLUS, the suspended platform has championed the civic awareness campaign of this country, remains the most consistent in the fight against institutionalised corruption, and has become the last resort of hope to generate financial support for poor and underprivileged patients who require overseas treatment. 

Several young emerging entrepreneurs have had their businesses supported thru the platform. 

We truly hope you do not grant yourself any excuse but to review your decision on the page, otherwise you will be risking lives in The Gambia and condemning thousands of our people to abject poverty. 

For your information, what you shut them down over is NOT a weapon, but an African-made dick enlargement cream the platform could gift to you Sir. 



Author: Muhammed Kanyi is a YALI Spirit Awardee and Country Director, International Model Diplomats for Integrated Development (Gambia Chapter) 

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