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OIC Says People Who Are ‘Rightfully’ Affected Will Be Compensated 

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Nfally Fadera, Head of Branding & Communications OIC Gambia.

By Buba Gagigo

The Head of Brand and Communications at the OIC Gambia, Nfally Fadera, told GRTS’s Good Morning Show that people who were rightfully affected by their demolition exercise will be compensated.

“Certainly, compensation is catered for, but what I want people to understand is that whatever we are trying to do, we trying to do for the good of the people. Development is not easy and good roads come at a cost. That is the truth. That’s why the law provides for compensation of the people that are affected rightfully and I want to assure everybody that anybody who is rightfully affected will be compensated,” Nfally Fadera told GRTS’s Good Morning show.

Mr. Fadera also told the morning show that they had dialogue with the people whose properties are affected and informed them of the rationale behind the exercise and what is going to happen before the actual demolition took place;

“We invited property owners in Kanifing and Brufut, sat with them, and explain the rationale and what is happening. Then we initiated a dialogue, listen to all the questions that they have, and try to provide answers as much as possible, and then another notice was served which was a demolition notice. By law, we are required to give them 14 days’ notice before demolition, which was done. And that notice elapsed on Monday. That was when we brought the heavy machine in, to bring down those properties so that we can start the work,” he said. 

Mr. Fadera said their initial estimate of the properties that were affected was 1400 compounds but the number was reduced to minimize the impact and the cost on the communities;

“When we did our initial estimate of the properties that are affected, we talked about 1400 compounds. We decided to go back to the drawing board and see how we can minimize the impact and the cost on the communities. We decided to limit the properties that will be affected. These things are difficult. We can understand that, but we also want people to understand that these are development projects, and they are long overdue. And definitely whoever is affected will be compensated,” he concluded.

Several properties were demolished at Kanifing Layout last week by the Department of Physical Planning. Many of the affected homeowners interviewed after the demolition exercise were very upset and claimed they are informed that there was no compensation for them.

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