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National Security Adviser Says Gambians Should Support SSR

Momodou Badjie
National Security Adviser

By Ramatoulie Jawo

National Security Adviser, Momodou Badjie has said that the Security Sector Reforms (SSR) process should be embraced and supported by all Gambians.

“The successful implementation of the Security Sector Reforms will enhance professionalism and efficiency to handled different threats to National security,” he said.

Badjie said the success of the security sector reforms is hinged on high political will, effective oversight, local ownership and budgetary support.

He highlighted some of the challenges the SSR process is facing which include “limited capacity to progress the reforms, working environment, capacity and the limited budgetary support”.

He said there is no budget allocation for the SSR process.

Badjie made the remarks at the National Assembly while the National Security Council was presenting its activity reports before the Defence Committee.

The council’s activity reports have been adopted by the committee. 

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