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New Addition To UDP As Former GAP Press Secretary Joins The Party

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Sheikhna Faal, former Press Secretary for the Gambia Action Party

By Buba Gagigo

Sheikhna Faal, a former Press Secretary for the Gambia Action Party (GAP), has officially joined the United Democratic Party (UDP). Faal made his announcement at a ceremony attended by UDP party leader Ousainu Darbo on Wednesday.

Expressing his allegiance to the UDP, Faal stated, “I am finally yellow,” indicating his commitment to the party. He attributed this decision to his perception of it as the only viable way to address the challenges he believes the NPP (National People’s Party) poses to the people. Faal acknowledged the influence of young leaders within the UDP, such as Kemo Bojang and Mayor Talib Bensouda, citing them as inspirations for any aspiring politician.

“I am finally yellow, and the determination came through what I perceive as the only way to get rid of the mess NPP poses to our people. The young people within UDP also had an impact, and the likes of Kemo Bojang and Mayor Talib Bensouda are an inspiration to any young politician, and I fell in love with the impact they have had on the Gambia and KMC in particular, where I am a resident.

In emphasizing the need for change in the country, Faal contended that the only path to achieve this change is through the UDP. He criticized the current state of affairs under President Barrow, asserting that Gambians must reject the perceived shortcomings of the government and recognize the tactics employed to divide the masses. Faal argued that aligning oneself with the UDP is a choice for positive change, as opposed to sticking with the NPP and its perceived problems.

“Unless Gambians accept the mess Barrow and his government are getting us through and still feel he is the right man for the job. This country is plunged into darkness, and the masses are the ones with the burden, yet still they are the ones being used against each other, not realizing it is the only tactic this government is left with, and the sooner we realize that, the better for the next generation,” he said.

Reflecting on his political journey, Faal recounted his initial belief in GAP’s potential for change, but his disillusionment during the 2021 elections when key leaders decided to join Barrow. This shift in agenda led him to align with Hon. Mama Kandeh and ultimately make the decision to join the UDP.

“The choices we make, no matter how critical, determine the path we intend to take. I came to the conclusion that it’s either you choose to align yourself with the NPP with all the mess, or you choose the UDP to make the change. In 2016, when I decided to take the political path, all I intended was to effect the change that my people so dare needed and by then I was convinced GAP was the solution based on the agenda put forward, and I became a very important founding member of the party until the 2021 elections, when almost all the leaders I work with decided to join Barrow, and since that day, I realized the agenda was different, and I decided to head with Hon. Mama Kandeh,” he said.

Taking the opportunity, Faal congratulated Lawyer Ousainou Darboe on his remarkable 50 years of service in the legal fraternity and expressed gratitude for the warm welcome extended to him by the UDP leader. He also acknowledged the influential role played by MC Cham Jr., who played a crucial part in convincing him to join the UDP.

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