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CNPC Expands African Oil and Gas Operations with Focus on Sustainability 

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Members of the China International Press communication center and Management of China National Petroleum Corporation

By Fatou Sillah 

In a bid to expand its presence in Africa’s oil and gas sector, China National Oil and Gas Exploration and Development Company (CNODC) has unveiled its ambitious plans for expansion and sustainability during a workshop between African Journalists from the China International press communication center

Unveiling the overview of the China National Petroleum Company, Pu Haiyang, the vice President of CNODC, CNPC sheds light on the company’s significant strides in the region and its commitment to environmentally conscious practices.

“CNODC’s ventures in Africa span across six countries, with 14 projects encompassing upstream exploration, development, refining, petrochemicals, LNG, and pipeline operations. These projects, dating back to CNPC’s initial cooperation agreements in Sudan in 1995, signify the company’s enduring commitment to the continent’s energy landscape.

“Collaboration lies at the heart of CNPC’s strategy, with partnerships forged with national oil companies such as Sudan National Oil Company (Sudapet), South Sudan National Oil Company (Nilepet), and Chad National Oil Company (SHT), alongside global players like Eni, ExxonMobil, and Petronas,” He said.

The CNODC Vice President further stated that  CNODC’s engagement extends beyond business interests as they have contributed to various sectors including health.

“CNODC’s engagement extends beyond business interests, as evidenced by its robust corporate social responsibility initiatives. The company has contributed generously to public welfare projects, including education, healthcare, infrastructure development, and environmental conservation efforts. Notable achievements include the construction of schools, hospitals, water wells, and bridges, benefiting communities across Africa,” He said. 

He added “Furthermore, CNPC is doubling down on its commitment to sustainability by prioritizing green development and low-carbon transformation. The company is spearheading initiatives aimed at energy conservation, carbon reduction, and the promotion of clean and renewable energy sources. This approach aligns with global efforts to mitigate climate change and underscores CNODC’s proactive stance towards environmental stewardship.

“As CNPC continues to expand its footprint in Africa, its emphasis on sustainable practices underscores a broader shift towards responsible energy development. With a focus on collaboration, corporate social responsibility, and environmental stewardship, CNODC is poised to play a pivotal role in shaping Africa’s energy future while contributing to global sustainability goals,” He stated.

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