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Mama Kandeh Says GDC Is Gambia’s Hope In 2026 Presidential Elections.

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Hon. Mama Kandeh, GDC Psrty leader

By Ramatoulie Jawo

Mama Kandeh, leader and secretary general of the Gambia Democratic Congress (GDC), has said that his party is the hope of the Gambia in the 2026 presidential election.

“The election cycle is over, and we now wait for the next one in 2026. By the grace of God, I know that Gambians are hoping for GDC to win. We must not let them down. We must deliver on the trust they have placed in us. Breaking their trust is tantamount to killing them. Let us do our utmost to reach out to the people and earn their trust.

“We pray that Allah will help us to fulfill the hopes that Gambians have placed in us. This is not about the Gambia Democratic Congress (GDC); it is about the Gambia as a whole. That is why we must all put the interests of the Gambia first. We must all stand up and reach out to the people,” Hon. Kandeh told GDC supporters through a WhatsApp audio message.

Hon. Kandeh called on his supporters to refrain from engaging in politics that involve insulting people, plotting against them, or defaming their character.

The GDC leader advised its supporters to focus on its plans and programs for Gambians and said that the party does not condone the politics of insults or tribalism.

“We do not want to see the kind of divisive politics that has plagued our country in the past. We expect Gambians to respect each other, regardless of their political affiliation. After all, tomorrow, anyone could be in the same position. We are all equal in this country.

“Our politics is difficult, but it does not have to be this way. Each political party should tell the citizens their plans and programs, and the developments they will bring to the Gambia. This is not happening enough in our Gambian politics.

“Our politics have been destroyed by the politics of insult, fight, and tribalism. Politicians are no longer focused on developing plans and programs for the country, but instead on attacking each other and their opponents. This has led to a climate of division and hatred, which is preventing the country from moving forward.” he said.

In addition, he called on his party members to remain focused and inform Gambians about their 2026 agenda.

Honourable Kandeh said that Gambians should be aware of the positions of the political parties in the country and their programs and policies for the Gambian people. He said that this is not currently happening in the Gambia.

“Currently, politics is characterized by insults, divisions, tribalism, and trivial matters like D500 and cooking pots, overshadowing the importance of programs meant for the country. Our political landscape is being damaged. Although success is not guaranteed, it is crucial that we strive to distance ourselves from this path, as it does not align with the expectations of the Gambian people. Relying on D500 and cooking pots or D500 and T-shirts might temporarily appease some, but ultimately, Gambians will recognize that such measures do not address their underlying issues.

“The Gambian people have repeatedly tried to improve their situation, but it has only gotten worse. As a result, they are facing increased hardship. In light of this, the Gambia Democratic Congress (GDC) urges us to prioritize engaging in meaningful dialogue with the people of Gambia and informing them about our plans for the country if we are elected.

“We need to address what we have to offer to the Gambian population, especially the youth, farmers, and security. We need to discuss how we can empower farmers and improve the lives of all Gambians. These should be the core aspects of our programs and the topics we discuss with the people of Gambia.

“It is crucial that our message to the people revolves around these issues. The current state of our hospitals is such that even basic medications like paracetamol are scarce. We need to show the Gambian people that we have a plan to address these problems and improve their lives.” he said.

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