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Audit Report Reveals Abba Sanyang Awarded His Own Company Over D1.2M In Contracts Without Due Process 

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Abba Sanyang, Former Minister of Lands, Regional Govts. And Religious Affairs

By Buba Gagigo

According to audit reports, Sankulay firms, a business owned by Hon. Abba Sanyang received numerous procurement awards totaling GMD 1,277,740 (one million, two hundred and seventy-seven thousand, seven hundred and forty dalasis) while Sanyang was the governor of Central River Region (CRR). The awards were given without due process.

“We noted that Sankulay firms is a business owned by former Governor/vote controller (HON. ABBA SANYANG) received numerous procurement awards amounting to GMD1,277,740 (one million, two hundred and seventy-seven thousand, seven hundred and forty dalasis) from January 2022 to July 2022. Further review revealed that contracts were awarded to the said business without following due process. 

The auditors noted that the business was awarded contracts in different categories, as shown in the table below. This is a total violation of the code of conduct for civil servants and the GPPA Regulation.

The auditors also revealed that their team later discovered that the name of the proprietor had been changed from Abba Sanyang to Modou Lamin Sanyang (family). The following table shows the payments made to Sankulay firms.

DateDetailsPv NumberPayeeAmount GMD
05/04/2022Purchase of small office equipment16pv22000617Sankulay firms62,100
23/8/2022Maintenance vehicle16PV22001146Sankulay firms158,400
23/6/2022Maintenance Building 16PV22001144Sankulay firms120,600
23/6/2022Office equipment16PV22001145Sankulay firms315,500
05/04/2022Miscellaneous expenses16PV22000619Sankulay firms44,100
23/6/2022Furniture and Fittings16pv22001143Sankulay firms225,000
26/4/2022 NO PAYMENT VOUCHER SEENN/ASankulay firms44,500
6/6/2022NO PAYMENT VOUCHER SEENSankulay firmsSankulay firms72,500
6/6/2022NO PAYMENT VOUCHER SEENSankulay firmsSankulay firms72,500

According to the GPPA Act 2014, Section 27. Conduct of public officials and bidders

(1) A public officer involved in requisitioning, planning, preparing, and conducting procurement proceedings and administering the implementation of procurement contracts shall:

(a) discharge his or her duties impartially so as to ensure fair and competitive access to public procurement by suppliers.

(b) act in the public interest and in accordance with the objectives and procedures set out in this Act and in the Regulations.

(c) avoid conflicts of interest and the appearance of impropriety in carrying out his or her duties and conducting himself or herself; and

(d) not commit or abet corrupt or fraudulent practices, including the solicitation or acceptance of improper inducements.

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