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Lamin Tamba: They Are Still Reeling From The Thumping At The National Assembly

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Lamin Tamba, International Media and Communications Director APRC No To Alliance.

By Lamin Tamba

Last night, without authority, Gambia Police Force, who issued us a permit for an event that didn’t need a permit in the first place, came to our indoor venue, stopped our fundraising, brutalised our supporters and admirers, tortured and injured some , just because they were probably sent by our defeated political opponents.

They are still reeling from the thumping at National Assembly Elections; still smarting from their Local Government and Cllr Elections. We gave them bloody noses at the polls. That’s how we play it. We don’t play foul. We fight clean, as fight politically and win.

The giants we defeated and humiliated at the polls have now restored to using the Police for political expediency.

We are not cowed, and we, APRC Babili Mansa , are about to get stronger.

What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger!

It was a fundraiser, not a rally. It was permitted but Police, who were put under political pressure by losers, violated their own permit in seizing our rights to associate, and party indoors.

We are just about to get stronger and better.

Look out for how we will change the political landscape and end this worthless regime.

It will be clean, surgical and effective!

When a government fears an opposition to the point of attacking a non-political event, you know the opposition is a serious player. 3 years of brutality and intimidation made us stronger, more determined.

We strike fear at the heart of the government as we do it by exposing their greed, corruption, incompetence, ladies, deception, and giving up Gambia’s sovereignty. We don’t do it unfairly.

We, APRC Official Unified Aprcc, win again! We exposed the brutality of Barrow Government and made of mockery of his fake Peace Award. What peace, when you have peacekeepers in your country.

What dialogue when an event you authorised was not only stopped but involved torture and false imprisonment? What sort of nonsense PseudoCracy is this!

We only know how to win! Winning is a habit! We say no to NPP and no amount of hate and barbaric acts will change it.

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