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Kandeh Urges President Barrow To Take Strong Action Against Illicit Drugs 

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Hon Mama Kandeh, Party Leader, Gambia Democratic Party (GDC)

By Buba Gagigo

Hon. Mama Kandeh, the Secretary General and Party Leader of the Gambia Democratic Congress (GDC), has issued a passionate plea to President Adama Barrow, urging him to set a powerful example in the fight against drug-related crimes.

In a heartfelt message, Kandeh emphasized the urgent need to address the menace of illicit drugs that threatens the nation’s youth.

“Mr. President, I want you to set an example on the criminality that is ongoing in the country, on the drug dealers in the country who are destroying our future leaders. About the bad drugs that they are bringing into the country. 

“Mr. President, you should set an example for the entire country to see. This should stop immediately; this is not anything we should compromise. I am urging you to do everything within your powers to set an example on the people bringing bad drugs into the country so that others will think twice before bringing them. Let’s set an example: this is getting too much; these children are our future leaders, and we should not compromise anything that is destroying these children. I have seen in the media just yesterday some people unburied corpses in Sukuta and this is just the beginning, Mr. President.” Kandeh said this in a WhatsApp audio shared with Kerr Fatou.

The Drug Law Enforcement Agency of The Gambia recently apprehended thirty suspects in connection with twenty drug-related cases. Eight of these cases were referred by The Gambia Police Force (GPF). The agency remains committed to combating drug trafficking and ensuring justice prevails.

Among the apprehended suspects, twenty-five are male, while the remaining five are female. Notably, two accused child offenders were initially arrested by the Anti-Crime Unit of the GPF and later transferred to DLEAG’s Gender and Child Welfare Unit for further investigation.

President Barrow’s response to Kandeh’s plea remains eagerly anticipated as the nation grapples with the critical issue of drug abuse and its impact on the younger generation.

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