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Jabbi Denies Receiving Reward for Bojang’s Capture

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Mama Jabbi State Witness in the Traffic Light shooting incident

By Landing Ceesay 

Mama Jabbi, the Third Prosecution Witness (PW3), testified during cross-examination that she was not aware of President Adama Barrow’s pledge or receiving a reward from anyone for capturing Ousainou Bojang (1st Accused).

Mama Jabbi, a marabout and businesswoman, confirmed to the court that she was the one who led police to the arrest of Ousainou Bojang, the alleged killer of two Police Intervention Unit (PIU) Officers at Sukuta Jabang Traffic Lights. However, she denied receiving any reward for her actions.

The denial came in response to a question from Counsel Lamin J. Darboe, the Lawyer representing Ousainou Bojang (1st accused), who asked whether she had received a reward from anyone.

Counsel LJ Darboe posed the question, “Did anybody pay you a reward for apprehending Ousainou Bojang, the first accused?” to which Mama Jabbi firmly responded, “Nobody pays me anything to apprehend Ousainou Bojang. No one told me if I apprehended him, I would be paid.”

In a subsequent query, Counsel L.J. Darboe inquired, “Are you aware of the President’s pledge to give a reward of D1 million to anyone who apprehends Ousainou Bojang, the 1st accused?” Mama Jabbi reiterated her lack of awareness, stating, “I was not aware of it. When the said million was pledged, I was not around.”

When questioned about her nationality, Mama Jabbi informed the court that she is Guinean by birth, married to a Gambian, has children who hold Gambian citizenship, and personally identifies as Gambian.

Regarding her telephone contact information, Mama Jabbi explained to the court that she possesses two numbers, one from Africell and the other from Qcell.

Mama Jabbi testified that she can recall her Qcell number, emphasizing that it functions solely for WhatsApp and not for direct calls.

She asserted that she removed her SIM cards due to the derogatory remarks she received from individuals. Mama Jabbi clarified that since the incident occurred, she has been subjected to frequent insulting calls, prompting her decision to remove the SIM cards from her phone.

Nevertheless, Mama Jabbi informed the court that she couldn’t recall her Africell number. She asserted that, to her knowledge, she was the sole individual summoned by the Senegalese Police for questioning in connection with the case.

During her testimony, Mama Jabbi mentioned contacting a police officer at Jululung Police Station and having his number.

“Did you take a photo and record an audio of the first accused person?” Counsel LJ Darboe asked Mama Jabbi. 

“Yes, I have taken a photo of him and recorded an audio, but the phone that has his photo and audio is damaged,” Mama Jabbi responded.  

“But you said you only remove the SIM cards because people call and insult you?,” Counsel LJ Darboe confronted the witness.  

“One phone is damaged, and for the other one that had the picture, I removed the SIM card. Even after removing the SIM card, the audio will still be there,” Mama Jabbi answered.  

Mama Jabbi mentioned contacting Musa Camara, an individual employed at the Gambia Revenue Authority (GRA). Nonetheless, during her court testimony, she clarified that she lacked knowledge about Musa Camara’s mother or his relationship with the President of the Gambia. Mama Jabbi added that her decision to reach out to Musa Camara stemmed from the fact he was one person he knew at the Police.

“But you said Musa Camara is working at the Gambia Revenue Authority (GRA)?,” Counsel LJ Darboe asked Mama Jabbi. 

“Yes, that is where I know him from,” Mama Jabbi responded.  

“How many times did you meet Musa Camara in the past 6 months?” Counsel LJ Darboe asked the witness. 

“I met Musa Camara once, that was the day I called him, and we went from Jululung to the Gambia,” Mama Jabbi told the court.  

When asked if she traveled out of the country in August 2023, Mama Jabbi responded positively, saying that she traveled out of the country during the rainy season.

Mama Jabbi informed the court that she went to Dakar, Senegal, and from there she went to Jululung. She states that she remembers exactly when she went to Jululung.

“How long did you spend in Jululung before meeting Ousainou Bojang, the first accused?,” Counsel LJ Darboe asked the witness.  

“I went to Jululung on Tuesday early morning, and on Wednesday Ousainou Bojang (1st accused) came to me,” Mama Jabbi told the court.  

Mama Jabbi informed the court that she had been in Dakar for a period of time, but her stay did not exceed a month. When inquired about her ownership of a house in Jululung, Mama Jabbi clarified that she was residing in a house belonging to her friend, Yaye Faal.

“When did you become aware of the shooting at Sukuta traffic lights?” Counsel LJ Darboe asked. 


“The very Wednesday Ousainou Bojang came to me, that was the day I was aware of it,” Mama Jabbi told the court. 

Counsel LJ Darboe inquired of Mama Jabbi whether Yaye Faal was in attendance when Ousainou Bojang approached her.

Mama Jabbi informed the court that Yaye Faal was present in the kitchen, preparing a meal, while she (Mama Jabbi) was engaged in a phone conversation.

In her testimony, Mama Jabbi stated that Ousainou Bojang (the 1st accused) visited her around 2 pm.

She further mentioned that it was the Senegalese Police at the Jululung Police Station who picked Ousainou Bojang up from her residence.

“Do you know where Ousainou Bojang, the first accused, was handed to the Gambian Police?”

“He (Ousainou Bojang) was handed to them at the Border, from Jululung to Seleti Border. That’s where he was handed over to them,” Mama Jabbi said. 

“Did you recall what time you called Musa Camara?,” Counsel LJ Darboe asked. 

“After calling the Police, that was the time I called Musa Camara and told him that the Killer is here with me,” she replied.  

Mama Jabbi informed the court that, while Ousainou Bojang was confessing to her about committing murder, her friend Yaye Faal was present. Subsequently, Counsel L.J. Darboe sought an adjournment for the case.

“My lord, I have filed a summon on notice to Africell and Qcell to produce the call records of the witness. I am applying for the court to issue an order to Africell and Qcell. I filed the summary already for the court to sign. I would want the matter to be adjourned until when I have the documents to continue my cross-examination,” Counsel LJ Darboe informed the court.  

Counsel AM Yusuf, the Director of Public Prosecution representing the state, raised objections to the adjournment application. However, Hon. Justice Ebrima Jaiteh conveyed to Counsel AM Yusuf that the allotted time for the matter had elapsed, as only 30 minutes were allocated. Subsequently, Hon. Justice Jaiteh inquired of Counsel LJ Darboe whether he could obtain the necessary documents before the next adjourned date. 

In response, Counsel LJ Darboe affirmed his ability to acquire the documents before the next adjourned date and assured the court accordingly. Consequently, Hon. Justice Jaiteh decided to adjourn the matter to November 28, 2023, at 2:15 p.m.

Background of the Case 

On September 21, 2023, Ousainou and Amie Bojang made their initial appearance before Principal Magistrate Omar Jabang of the Kanifing Magistrates’ Court, facing charges related to the shooting incident at Sukuta Jabang Traffic Lights, which resulted in the tragic deaths of two PIU officers and severe injury to another on September 12, 2023.

The police had initially levelled four charges against the accused, including two murder charges, an act of terrorism charge, and an accessory after the fact to murder charge. Subsequently, Principal Magistrate Omar Jabang transferred the murder trial to the Special Criminal Division of the High Court of The Gambia.

On October 12, 2023, the case was presented before Hon. Justice Ebrima Jaiteh of the High Court of The Gambia.

On October 19, 2023, the State brought six charges against Ousainou Bojang, the prime suspect in the deaths of two Police Intervention Unit (PIU) officers, and a single charge against his elder sister, Amie Bojang.

On October 24, 2023, both Ousainou Bojang and Amie Bojang entered pleas of not guilty to the charges. 

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