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It Is Not Because We Love Barrow, But We Are Fighting UDP In This Country- APRC Deputy Spokesperson Reveals Plot Against Opponent

Dodou Jah
Deputy Spokesperson APRC


Buba Gagigo

In a leaked audio recording obtained by Kerr Fatou, the Deputy Spokesperson of the Alliance for Patriotic Reorientation and Construction [APRC] has assured an APRC supporter that other political parties planned to join President Barrow to enable him win the December poll not because they love Barrow, but they are fighting against the United Democratic Party.

Dodou Jah made these remarks while responding to the suggestion by the supporter [ name withheld] that only an independent candidate, upon victory at the December poll, can facilitate the return of Jammeh, but not Barrow or any of the political parties part of coalition 2016.

“An Independent candidate cannot win here. You people do not know what is happening. I’m telling you and you can write it down. I’m in the Inter Party [Committee]. I am discussing with many parties and they will all join Barrow because they do not want a UDP government here. Take note of this, I told you. If it fails, call me a liar.

Even today [2nd July, 2021] I had a meeting with other [political] parties [I do not want to mention names], but what they told me was that they do not want a UDP government in this country. It is worthy for them to join Barrow to ensure that a UDP government does not exist in this country.

It is not because we love Barrow, but we are fighting the UDP in this country. It is what many failed to understand. The people [parties] said although they do not like Barrow, but he [Barrow] is better than UDP government; and they are committed to ensuring that UDP loses,” Dodou Jah, Deputy Spokesperson of the Alliance for Patriotic Reorientation and Construction [APRC] assured the supporter.

The phone conversation between Mr Jah and the said supporter anchored on the much-talked-about APRC-NPP coalition for this year’s presidential election. 

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