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Bakary Bunja Dabo

Following the registration of the party on 02 January last, Gambia For All on Friday 07 February inaugurated its National Executive Committee [NEC], the apex organ responsible for laying down policy and broad operational guidelines for the party.  In a colourful ceremony staged at the Conference Hall of the President’s Award Scheme, Bakau, individual, as well as group, credentials were reviewed and accepted before the formal installation of delegates in their role as members of the Committee representing their respective constituencies and other structures, as provided for by the party’s Constitution. The ceremony ended with a brief media encounter with the Party Leader and the National Chairman, followed by a reception for delegates and guests.
In its first working session held at the same venue on Saturday 08 February, under the chairmanship of the in Party National Chairman, Salieu Taal Sr, the National Executive Committee, as required by the party’s Constitution, received and considered a submission made to it by the party’s Secretary General on the setting up, as well as the membership, of the party’s Central Committee. At the end of deliberations, the National Executive Committee approved the proposal to set up a 56 member Central Committee as its executive directorate entrusted with delegated powers and responsibility to direct and oversee the life and work of the party. The Central Committee is chaired by the Party Leader and Secretary General.
The inauguration of the National Executive Committee was followed by the formal launch of the party in the form of a Grand Rally held in Brikama on Saturday, 8 February 2020. The very impressive turnout at the Rally demonstrated the support and confidence already enjoyed by the nascent party and is an unmistakable pointer to the great promise about our party. The leadership of Gambia For All noted the situation with satisfaction and stands poised to double its resolve to build an inclusive political movement that will bring about the change that the Gambian people are yearning for.
The Party Leader and the entire party leadership wish to thank all those who contributed to make the event a resounding success.
Waato Siita!           Wahto bi Jotna!
Bolong L. Sonko
Chief of Staff

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