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Inauguration of FLAMG: A New Chapter in Gambia’s Legislative Legacy

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Group Photo of The Members of The FLAMG Association

By Ramatoulie Jawo

Former members of the Gambian National Assembly’s Fifth Legislature have joined forces to create a new organization called the Fifth Legislature Assembly Members of The Gambia (FLAMG).

FLAMG, launched on February 29th at a local hotel in Bijilo, is a non-partisan, non-governmental, and charitable association dedicated to continuing the positive impact of these experienced lawmakers on the nation’s well-being and development.

The launch ceremony drew a diverse crowd, including political leaders, government officials, business figures, and civil society representatives.

The organization’s primary goal is to enhance community capabilities, guided by values such as diversity appreciation, accountability, transparency, individual dignity, partnership cultivation, and beneficiary-centric approaches while upholding community norms.
In his keynote address, Hon. Musa Amul Nyassi, the association’s chairperson, outlined FLAMG’s vision grounded in democracy, aimed at citizen empowerment and needs fulfillment. He underscored the pivotal importance of establishing the association.

“The FLAMG organization is formed by Honorable National Assembly members of the Fifth Legislature of the Gambia, who have worked diligently during their time at the National Assembly to pave the way for a smooth transition and laid the foundation for the democracy that the Gambia is witnessing today. Our unity transcends political differences, focusing on a common goal, the prosperity of our beloved nation,” he said.

He emphasized that FLAM is fortunate to have highly skilled professionals who undeniably possess the necessary expertise, knowledge, and experience to adeptly manage the organization’s affairs with efficacy and proficiency.

Honorable Nyassi further emphasized their key strategic pillars, which encompass civic education, mediation, economic empowerment, youth and women development, climate action, and institutional strengthening.

He expressed gratitude to the government for fostering a conducive environment and urged all stakeholders to collaborate in fulfilling their responsibilities.

Honorable Sunkary Badjie, the Secretary-General of the Association and former National Assembly member for Foni Brefet, provided a succinct overview of the association’s history.

“As Ex- Assembly members who individually and collectively served the people of the Gambia with diligence in our diverse capacities and expertise, recognize the need to continue contributing positively to the improvement of the Lives and livelihoods of the people of our beloved Country,”

“The Fifth Legislature was hailed for its integrity, objectivity, and diversity in expertise, a trait that endeared it to the majority of the Gambian people. This, among other things, motivated us to initiate and form this Association and associate its name With the fifth Legislature,” he said.

He further stated that membership is accessible to all former Assembly members of The Gambia, encouraging them to participate in their mission to repay Gambian taxpayers for the numerous privileges bestowed upon them during their time in office.

Honorable Seedy SK Njie, the Deputy Speaker of the Gambia National Assembly, praises all individuals engaged in launching this initiative. He expressed confidence that their endeavors would eventually yield benefits for the entire nation.

“There is no doubt that this Association comprises a pool of experienced leaders and membership whose expertise in, among others, legislative matters should be tapped from time to time to help generate capacity for future Members of the National Assembly,” he said

He urged the Association to champion democratic ideals of peace, development, and tolerance, emphasizing their role in shaping public opinion and enlightening young minds.

Dawda AB Sowe, in his capacity as Welfare Relations Officer, expressed the association’s aspiration to be a symbol of hope and service.

Mr. Sowe reminded his colleagues of the enduring impact of their actions, highlighting that FLAMG represents an unprecedented entity in the nation’s history, with repercussions spanning generations.

“FLAMG is intended to be a Beacon of hope and service, our goal is clear to leverage the vast and diverse experiences of ex-legislative Assembly members in passing valuable knowledge to our fellow citizens through education, FLAMG aspires to contribute to growth, prosperity, and flourishing of the Gambia,” he stated.

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