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Chairman Landing B. Sanneh Says He Will Not Entertain Interference During Second Term 

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Landing B Sanneh, Chairman of Mansakonko Area Council

By Buba Gagigo

Landing B. Sanneh, Chairman of Mansakonko Area Council, has warned that he will not tolerate any interference in the affairs of the council during his second term in office.

After taking the oath of office on Monday, Chairman Sanneh requested the government to “kindly” collaborate with local government officials to implement the long-awaited local government reforms so that they can effectively and efficiently serve their communities at the local level.

“I want to assure you that we will work harder, even harder now, to make sure that we serve you (Mansakonko Area). But I want to appeal to our people that politics is over. We have a lineup of councilors who belong to different political parties with their chairman. Now we are going to work. So please give us the opportunity to work, guide us, advise us, but please let’s avoid interference. Under my leadership at the Mansakonko Area Council, we are not going to entertain interference.

“We have taken the solemn oath of office, and therefore we are accountable for the Oath, and we are accountable to the people of Mansakonko Area. So please our people, you entrusted us to work for you, give us time to work for you. And to all other partners, please support us in the process but do not dictate to us. We want to work with all our partners. We need advice, we need support, but we have a guiding principle and that is the local government act and the strategic plan of the Mansakonko Area Council. We will never deviate from that,” he said.

Landing B Sanneh was elected as the Chairman of Mansakonko Area Council for the second time during the last Mayor and Chairmen election. He was sworn into the office last Monday in Mansakonko

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