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Hon. Sallah Expresses Intention To Step Down As PDOIS Secretary General 

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Hon. Halifa Sallah, Secretary General, PDOIS

By Landing Ceesay 

Halifa Sallah, the Secretary General and party leader of the People’s Democratic Organization for Independence and Socialism (PDOIS), has announced his intention to step down and shift his focus onto other things

On July 29, 2023, during his opening speech at the PDOIS congress, Hon. Sallah informed the gathering that he would be stepping down as the party’s secretary general at the end of the congress. However, the party has not yet issued a communiqué on his position.

On Thursday, our reporter attended a press conference organized by PDOIS. During the conference, the reporter asked Hon. Sallah about the latest developments regarding his decision to step down as the party’s Secretary General.

Hon. Sallah said that his party is working on a plan to fill the position when he steps down. He explained that they do not want people to misinterpret his decision to step down as a resignation, so they are having an internal discussion with the party’s central committee to determine what is in the best interests of the party.

“We discussed as a party and we reached an understanding.  Under our constitution, we know exactly the next stage that would have to be a matter of consultation with the Central Committee in order to know how do we fill the vacancy. That is the process we will be engaged in. So I am sure that we will keep you informed.  

“Essentially, PDOIS is in order. I came out of the Congress in high spirit, which means we are intact. People’s positions do not really matter. What matters is that they are to resort to a self-confident people through the party, and we are willing to work together to build PDOIS to be a party fit for purpose,” Hon. Sallah told the media.  

Hon. Sallah further informed the media that his decision to step down as the PDOIS Secretary General is not only an intention but an expressed position.  

The veteran politician stated that the issue under consideration is how would they do it to ensure that the Party remains intact.

“We don’t build to destroy; we build to strengthen. I believe it is very clear that we are developing a strategy and tactic of ensuring that we retain institutional memory and that we retain experience, with trained capacity, we do not build to destroy, we build to move forward. 

“So, in essence, shifting, means that I will be doing other things that will serve PDOIS and through that also serve the country. Maybe I will be more vocal because when you are in certain positions, have to become very diplomatic, not to alienate the party and not to alienate a country or the forces that you want to ally with,” Hon. Sallah told the media.  

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