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Today May 1st Is A Symbolic Date As It Marks The International Workers Day As Well My Nomination A Mayoral Candidate For KMC

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Talib Ahmed Bensouda, Mayor Of KMC.

I pay tribute to a group of people who often go unnoticed, but who play a critical role in the functioning of our society and economy – the #workers.
They are the backbone of our society, the unsung heroes who work hard every day to make ends meet.

Today especially, I want to recognise and celebrate the contributions of all workers, regardless of their profession or industry.

I recognise the crucial role that each and every worker plays in the very fabric of our communities.

A special recognition for the farmers and gardeners, the pillars of our food production system.

They work tirelessly to grow the crops that feed our families and sustain our communities.

Teachers play a crucial role in ensuring the future of our society, by equipping our children with the skills and knowledge they will need to progress in life.
I respect and value you all so much.

However, May day also reminds us that without a serious concern of the high unemployment rate among our #youths, without a proper strategic review and redressing plan of our #economy, centred around these very youths, our country will never reach its desired level of development.

As a mayor, I have always and will continue engaging with all the stakeholders, Private and Governmental, to see how best we can tackle issues of unemployment and reduce or rather eliminate the struggle of the unemployed.

All workers, be it from the formal and informal sectors are recognised and acknowledged for their tireless hard work and efforts to ensure that they make ends meet everyday despite the dire economic situation our country is faced with.

Let this day serve as another reminder that we must never stop working towards the betterment of our country-
Let us celebrate the human #dignity of every worker, and recognize their essential role.

Let us preserve and protect the public funds and ensure the retired among us who contributed their quota, enjoy a decent pension.

Developing this country is a shared goal, let’s join hands as workers and turn this place we share into a much better place as we move forward with More Development.

It is only by joining forces and working together that will we make #Gambia a better place for all.

Happy worker’s day to you all.
Let’s continue go


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