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Hon. Mai Ahmad Fatty Supports Private Members Bill To Repeal Womens (Amendment) Act 2015

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Mai Ahmad Fatty, GMC Party Leader


When ever the occasion demands it, I raise my support for medically sanctioned or supervised female circumcision in The Gambia. I have always contended that the practice of female genital mutilation (FGM) does not exist in The Gambia. In this country, we circumcize and not mutilate.

There is this mischievous distortion of gargantuan proportions ascribed to female circumcision as practised in The Gambia by UN Agencies and their co-conspirators within the civil society. This corrupted version, couched in carefully misleading medical and scientific jargons designed to promote unrestrained promiscuity prevalent in Western societies, is deceptively sold to us as major health hazard.

As a typical provincial Jakhanka of the greater Manding clan, and a Muslim, no one in this universe is competent to lecture me on the type of cultural practice as exists in The Gambia.

The advocates would like us to believe that its inimical to women’s health. Yet the available distorted statistics designed to facilitate their miseducation itself, does not render portray a national health crises.

Like most things personal about a woman’s physiognomy, female circumcision should be a matter of personal choice for parents. In that case, those individuals and organisations who hold adverse views about it may continue to propagate with a view to achieving their objective through persuasion and not through the abuse of the coercive propensity of the law.

It is highly regrettable that the National Human Rights Commission statutorily tasked with protecting rights is wrongfully advocating the usurpation of the right to choice from parents who know better what constitutes the best interests of their children. They not speak for me and hundreds of thousands of Gambians who rightfully hold the contrary view. We disown and totally reject the position of the NHRC as speaking for themselves only as private individuals illegally hiding behind a national institution to propagate personal agenda. On this matter, I urge Gambians to ignore them.

Let me also state that I do not share the view that women who were not circumcised are comparatively more promiscuous. The matter for me should be more about subjective choice for parents and not an issue of penal considerations.

I urge NAMS to support the Bill and put an immediate end to this blatant deprivation of personal choice. To the UN and its specialised agencies, as development partners, stay out of our internal matters.

Mai Ahmad Fatty
Human Rights Lawyer

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