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Hon. Ceesay Says Last Election Is A Step Forward To Unseat Barrow In 2026

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Omar Ceesay, former NAM, Niamina East Constituency

By Buba Gagigo

Former National Assembly Member for Niamina East Constituency, Hon. Omar Ceesay said the recent Mayor and Chairperson elections is a sign of the people’s growing dissatisfaction with President Adama Barrow and a step towards unseating him in 2026.

“The recently concluded election cycle is a step forward among the opposition parties to unite to unseat President Barrow in the 2026 presidential election. Accordingly, the results from the Parliamentary, councilor, mayoral, and chairmanship elections have proven the possibility and the tendency of instilling a new democratically elected government with a united opposition force in place,” he said.

He said that the good performance of the opposition political parties reflected the dissatisfaction and grievance of the average Gambians with Barrow’s administration.

“Therefore, I am humbly encouraging the opposition political parties to forgo their individual and party differences and consider such a progressive submission sooner or later for the greater good. This is a clarion call to start putting our ideas together toward making it happen. 

“Finally, it would be a betrayal to the nation if opposition players fail to come together as a united force of opposition to unseat Barrow, knowing full well the suffering and the hardship the masses are undergoing under Barrow’s leadership,” he concluded.

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