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“His Fight Is To Destroy My Gov’t” Barrow Tells Jimara To Turn Their Backs On Kandeh

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President Adama Barrow, President of the Gambia & Mama Kandeh, Secretary General & Party Leader GDC

By Buba Gagigo

President Adama Barrow has called on the people of Jimara to tell Hon. Mama Kandeh to join him in the government, or to turn their backs on him and the Gambia Democratic Congress (GDC) leader if he refuses.

Barrow made the remarks during an audience he had with people in Jimara recently.

“The people of Jimara should tell Mama Kandeh to join the president, or they will not support him. That is what they should do. Because all of Mama Kandeh’s fight is to destroy my government. It is like the Fula saying, ‘I will not go, but you will also not go.’ He will not go, and he does not want me to succeed either. How can that be possible? That is the fight. But as for this fight, I leave everything to God, because I am not fighting.” he said.

President Adama Barrow also revealed that he once visited Hon. Mama Kandeh to propose they join forces to make a good name for themselves. He said that he was willing to forget their past differences and work together for the betterment of the country. However, Kandeh refused his offer, and the two men have remained political rivals ever since.

“I told Mama Kandeh that if we joined forces, it would be a historic moment. He would have a good reputation, and so would I. Mama’s goal is to win in Jimara, even if he loses in the rest of the Gambia. Before the results were announced, he came out and declared victory. The news reported that Mama had won in Jimara,” he said.

President Barrow called on the people of Jimara to turn their backs on the GDC leader Mama Kandeh, describing him as an envious person.

“He suffers from envy. Envious people can’t find peace unless they are asleep or dead. But even if Mama doesn’t notice, you Jimara people should. For example, Yahya Jammeh lives in Equatorial Guinea, but Foni still supports him. They never see him, and he does nothing for them.

“He only talks to them on the phone, but they still follow him. Jimara, I am your president and this is my home. What more do you want? People asked what President Barrow did for Jimara. Even if I do nothing for the Jimara people, my victory is enough. That’s a historic moment for Jimara. Barajally, Kanilai, and Mankamang Kunda will never be forgotten until the end of time.” the president said.

Both President Adama Barrow and the Gambia Democratic Congress (GDC) Leader, Hon. Mama Kandeh are from Jimara.

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