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GDC Diaspora PRO Contests CepRass Opinion Polls Survey

Dodou A. B Ndow
The Gambia Democratic Congress Diaspora Public Relations Officer
Photo: Dodou A. B Ndow


By Buba Gagigo

The Gambia Democratic Congress Diaspora Public Relations Officer (PRO) Dodou A. B Ndow has challenged the CepRass opinion poll survey, saying it does not reflect the reality on the ground.

“We challenge the CepRass Election Opinion Poll in its totality. This survey do[es] not reflect the reality on the ground. Moreover the methodology is not reliable for such a variable result produced,” he said.

Ndow said the sample of participants for the survey were selective and could not be random in the manner taken.

“Percentages led by the ruling party NPP, GDC UDP among others do not reflect the percentage of what matters to the people, e.g unemployment, Agriculture, health, education and security on the CepRass report.

“We can remember the Opinion polls of Banjul’s last Mayoral Election when it was opined that [ranked] Ebou Faye 1st, Lizzy Eunson 2nd, the late Lie Bah 3rd, while Rohey Malick Lowe last. The actual results came out totally different. The last two came out first two.

In this kind of opinion polls, action research on the ground is paramount for reliable sampled results picked at random in random places,” he concluded.

Meanwhile, Sheriffo Sonko, a member of the United Democratic Party labelled the entire survey as ‘bogus’.

“The survey is completely bogus because the system they use is the one they use in 2018 during Banjul Mayoral Elections. During that survey, they said Rohey Malick will take last but she took first. They said the late Lie Bah will take third and he took second. We as a party have already done our own survey. We already know the places that we were not having support but we have now built up a new system in all those places to control those places. We can say the survey is not true. All of the Gambia know the only place the president has support is URR and as we speak right now, we are dominating URR,” he said.

Dodou A B Ndow, the Gambia Democratic Congress (GDC) Diaspora Public Relations Officer (PRO) made these remarks on Friday on Facebook and Sheriffo Sonko, the United Democratic Party member made these remarks in an interview with Kerr Fatou, after the release of the opinion polls survey by CePRASS.

The CepRass survey showed NPP led the polls with 31%, UDP with 15%, GDC 3%, APRC 3%, PDOIS 2%, CA 1%, NRP 1%, GMC 1% and others 1%.

However, 43% of the respondents are not sure which party would win the 4th  December presidential election.

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