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GDC Appeals To Defected Members To Return

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MC Cham Jr.
GDC National Youth President

By Buba Gagigo

National Youth President,  Gambia Democratic Congress (GDC), MC Cham Jr. has appealed to his party members who have defected to the president’s camp to return to rescue the country.

“I am appealing to all the GDC militants that they (NPP) fooled to join NPP because of tribalism, fear, money, or position they were promised; we’re appealing to all of  you to come back, because the entire country has regretted voting for Adama Barrow. I know they fooled most of you, they told you voting for Mama Kandeh is like empowering UDP,” he said.

The National Youth President of the opposition Gambia Democratic Congress (GDC) alleged that a lot of their militants defected to the president’s camp due to fear instilled in them.

“They told you, ‘if UDP wins, they will ask other tribes to leave the country’, which is the reason many people were scared. Some were promised money or position. We all have seen the country has no direction, people are disappointed. We have not seen any improvement in the country. You have seen our hospitals, security, our roads, in agriculture we have seen how the farmers are suffering, they cannot even buy fertilizer because it’s very expressive. For that matter, anyone who was part of the GDC family or you have the country at heart, we are appealing for you to come back to GDC and continue our work,” Mc Cham Jr  said in an audio recording shared with Kerr Fatou on Thursday.

A lot of GDC Members defected to the National People’s Party (NPP) before the 2021 presidential election, among them is the current Minister of Agriculture, Demba Sabally who was the GDC National President.

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