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Gambian Wrestler Hoyontan Appeals Against Opponent’s Victory

Gambian Wrestler

By Buba Gagigo

Matarr Saine, the manager of Gambian Wrestler Hoyontan has confirmed to Kerr Fatou that they have appealed against the victory of Baye Madione’s over Hoyontan.

In a letter dated 27th December 2021, the management of Hoyontan stated why they believed that the Referee failed to follow the rules of the game.

“We made an appeal to CNG in Dakar that we don’t agree with the decision of the referee. Because the referee made a mistake. We first won the competition, before Baye Madione secondly won. He made a stop to that which didn’t give us verdict as winners. So, we thought to use the videos and pictures of the four arms down on the ground. That’s the reason why we said we are going to appeal and we have already done,” Saine told Kerr Fatou.

It could be recalled that Baye Madione was declared winner of the Saturday’s combat as he knocked the Gambian to the ground after 7 minutes of wrestling. It remained to be seen what the final verdict of the CNG would be on the bout.

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