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Gambia improves on TI’s corruption index


According to an Afrobarometer survey released in June 2018, almost half of Gambians say the level of corruption in the country has decreased in the past 12 months.

The Gambia is the 93 least corrupt nation out of 180 countries, according to the 2018 Corruption Perceptions Index reported by Transparency International.

The country was ranked 130 last year with a score of 30/100. This year the country has a score of 37 / 100 where 0 = highly corrupt and 100 = very clean.

This means people’s perception of public sector corruption (corruption in government and its institutions) is still very high.

Meanwhile, neighboring Senegal is ranked 67 with a score of 45.

“Sub-Saharan Africa is the lowest scoring region on the index, and has failed to translate its anti-corruption commitments into any real progress. A region with stark political and socio-economic contrasts and longstanding challenges, many of its countries struggle with ineffective institutions and weak democratic values, which threaten anticorruption efforts,” stated the reported.


Somalia is ranked at the bottom.

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