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Gambia Expects Over 30 Countries For Muslim World League Ulamas Conference

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Members of the organizing Committee at the press conference

By Landing Ceesay

The Gambia Government in partnership with the Muslim World League, will host over 30 countries for 2022 Muslim World League conference of African Religious Ministers and Ulamas. The Conference is scheduled to start on December 6th, 2022.

The Muslim World League, founded in May 1962, to propagate Islam and to improve worldwide understanding of the religion, is an international non-governmental Islamic organization based in the Holy City of Makkah, Saudi Arabia.

Speaking to the media about the preparations under way for the event, Buba Sanyang, Permanent Secretary Ministry of Local Government, Lands and Religious Affairs said they have invited all 54 African countries to come and grace the occasion and have confirmation from 38 of the invitees at this time.

“As of now, of the 54 African countries invited we have received up to 38 countries confirming their presence. This might increase as we go but then also out of these 38 countries we have, 81 participants, among them we have 9 ministers. The highest number of participants is coming from Mauritania as of now. It might increase or other countries might also increase based on the agreement with the Muslim World Secretariat,” PS Sanyang told the Media.PS Sanyang further stated that recently there has been a lot of misconception, in-tolerance, and nonacceptance of each other’s views resulting in a lot of chaos and infighting amongst people within African countries.

Mr. Sanyang said for that reason his Ministry on behalf of the government is collaborating with the Muslim World League to organize the Conference and clear some of those “misconceptions” as well as enable people to be tolerant, to accept each other’s opinions, views, and understanding of their differences.”As a Ministry responsible for religious affairs feels that this conference in other to hold successfully we don’t need to reinvent the wheel. Hence, the OIC secretariat has already got structures in place that are preparing for the OIC summit, and they also hosted some other conferences. So, we feel we need to just use those structures to roll out and implement this particular Conference,” he said.

PS Sanyang said It is because of Gambia’s peacefulness and Religious tolerance that encouraged and motivated the Muslim World League to organize the Conference in the country.”Even in the Gambia, we must have seen some Intra-faith conflict where within religion we have seen people with different opinions on issues. This conference is set up to clear some of those things and enlighten our Ulamas to understand that their opinions would be accepted but that doesn’t mean somebody else opinion should be dropped or should denounce or should be castigated. So, coexistence as the Gambia is known is what this conference is meant to showcase,” PS Sanyang told the media.

Meanwhile, Binta Jammeh-Sidibeh, Chairperson of the OIC Local Organizing Committee said all the logistical arrangements are in place, including the security and the accommodations of their guests.

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