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Former Presidential Aspirant Reveals His Weak Financial Muscle Hindered His Bid

Bubacarr Jeng
Former Presidential Aspirant

By Buba Gagigo

Mr. Bubacarr Jeng, former independent aspirant in the 4th December 2021 presidential election revealed that he withdrew his bid due to his weak financial muscle.

“I got the intention to be the President of the country and I went round the country. I discussed with people, I spent money but I later realized that the Money that I need would not be enough. I had money but it wouldn’t be enough. If you go to any village, you need to mobilize people; you will rent stuff, cooking, entertainment etc. Because we all do it during campaigns. So these expenses were heavy on my side. I could not take the load,” he told Kerr Fatou’s Tuesday show ‘Politic Kaacha’.

Jeng went on to say that he spent nearly D1.5m on his candidature before making up his mind to withdraw in the last year’s presidential race.

Asked whether he wanted to be president to enrich himself by venturing into politics, given his weak financial status, Jeng replied: “Actually not to enrich myself because there is no pleasure in being a president. As president, you use the money to deliver. I never wanted to enrich myself; (I) just had a clear vision. I followed the vision. However, I have learned many lessons along the way, since I started because I am still young. I went up a stage where I realized that I cannot handle it financially, (then) I backed up, but I still want to be president.”

Further asked why he joined President Adama Barrow after withdrawing his bid, he said: “I chose him because he had the potential to win the election because I went to places and I have seen his work on the ground. In addition, I don’t want to be on a losing team. Secondly I joined the President because of his personality because I know him because before he became president” 

Bubacarr Jeng declared to run as an independent candidate in the last presidential election, but later withdrew his bid and joined President Adama Barrow’s camp before the election.

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