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DLEAG Reveals Quantity Of Substances Seized From 2017– 2018

Ousman Saidybah DLEAG spokesperson

By Buba Gagigo

The Drug Law Enforcement Agency (DLEAG) has revealed the quantity of prohibited drugs it has seized from 2017 to 2018.

“For cannabis sativa the agency seized 2 tons, 563 kilograms, 213 grams and 416 milligrams in 2017 and 2 tons 983 kilograms, 504 grams and 271 milligrams in 2018.

“For cocaine, the Agency seized 624 grams and 748 milligrams in 2017 and 1 kilogram, 73 grams and 545 milligrams in 2018.

“For hashish we seized 1 kilogram, 237 grams and 243 milligrams in 2017 and 1 kilogram, 941 grams and 222 milligrams in 2018.

“For heroin, we seized 34 grams and 800 milligrams in 2017 and 5 grams, 400 milligrams in 2018. All these mentioned drugs are prohibited drugs as per the schedules of the Drug Control Act 2003.

“We also seized 57 tablets of Bronazepam, 35 tablets of clonazepam, 24 tablets of Diazepam, 10 tablets of lorazepam and 298 grams 90 milligrams in 2017 and in 2018, we seized 299 tablets of clonazepam, 60 tablets of lorazepam and 3 samples of delonazepams,” a statement from the DLEAG said today.

In total, the agency said 126 psychotropic substances (controlled drugs) excluding 298 grams, 90 milligrams of methamphetamine was seized in 2017 and 359 psychotropic substances (controlled drugs) excluding 3 ample of delonazepam was seized in 2018.

“The seizure statistics indicate an increase in the seizure of cannabis, cocaine, hashish, clonazepam and lorazepam while it shows a downward trend in the seizure of heroin and delonazepam,” the statement added.

On the number of cases registered and persons arrested in 2028, the agency reported 668 cases involving 686 persons.

“610 of the accused persons were Gambians and 76 were Non Gambians. The Agency registered the highest number of cases in July 2018 booking 72 cases involving 79 persons. 73 of the accused persons were Gambian and 6 were Non Gambian. For the reporting period, October 2018 recorded the lowest number of cases being 48 cases involving 46 

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