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CPA National Coordinator Reacts To President Barrow’s Address

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Lamin Fatty
CPA National Coordinator

The National Coordinator of the Child Protection Alliance (CPA) has described President Barrow’s Address to Gambians on the death of sixty-six children due to Acute Kidney Injuries (AKI) caused by a contaminated cough syrup as disappointing and irresponsible. 

Lamin Fatty was making reference to the president’s statement: “I must state that the Child Mortality figure of Sixty- six (66) is not at much variance with the recorded data for similar periods in the past”. 

He believed the government should have taking full responsibility of the tragedy and assure the public of its commitment in promoting accountability.  

“I am of the believe that the President’s Address to Gambians should have been an assurance of commitment and will owed to Gambians to take full responsibility of his government’s act of negligence causing the death of at least sixty-six children,” he said in a statement on Saturday.

Mr. Fatty said the President’s address has fallen short of concrete actions to be taken in dealing with those found wanting to have a hand in the importation and distribution of the Indian manufactured drugs in the country, rather it only shows the government’s complicity in the deaths of these children. 

“The Government of The Gambia must take full responsibility of the deaths of the Sixty –six and must task itself to do an extensive investigation into the matter, especially with the authorities mandated to regulate the importation and exportation of drugs and its related products in The Gambia,” Fatty continued.

He urged the Civil Society to raise to the bait in addressing this national tragedy.

 “I equally call on the Civil Society Organizations and its International Partners in The Gambia through TANGO to convey an emergency meeting to engage government on this matter and push for more rigorous actions with the enforcement of laws and policies to bring those found wanting to have hand in the importation and distribution of these drugs in the country and equally call for compensation to the affected families,” CPA National Coordinator said.  

He then reminded the government of its national, regional and international obligations towards the promotion and protection of the fundamental rights and wellbeing of children, including the right to have access to adequate and quality health facilities and services.

Source: CPA 



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