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Chairman Sanneh says Gov’t Commission Is A Plan To Interfere In The Election Process

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Landing B. Sanneh, Chairman of Mansakonko Area Council 

By Buba Gagigo

Landing B. Sanneh, the chairman of Mansakonko Area Council, has accused president Adama Barrow’s government of having plans to Interfere in the upcoming Local Government Elections.

In a WhatsApp audio obtained by Kerr Fatou, the LRR chairman is heard saying that the commission will help them explain issues that were hidden for Gambians to know what is happening.

“Don’t even think it is distracting us. In fact it doesn’t take us back. This is just a plan to interfere in the election process but we learned and understand that system and no one can distract us or take us back. I already understand, these are plans that Yahya Jammeh use to do but it wouldn’t work now. The people who are involving the president in such acts, I will tell them we are ones who get them out of this country. If they want to teach him that book, let them know that we already know that,” the chairman said.

The Mansakonko Area Council Chairman also urged his party supporters not to take the law into their own hands but assures them that they will get out and contest the upcoming Local Government Elections;

“Do not think about anything, do not do anything that will violate the law, just sit and wait for the commission. We are not going back, no one will violate our rights and we will contest the election. We are citizens of this country, we will go to the commission because the commission favors us more than him. He cannot drag back our politics and anyone supporting him cannot do it. We will go to the commission and we will contest the election and he and his people will know the people are behind us. The Gambians are behind us that’s why he’s afraid,” he said.

He said the establishment of a commission of inquiry is not a new thing but the timing of this one in the face of impending elections makes it political.

“The establishment of a commission is not a new thing and is within laws. The law has given the president power to establish the commission. But how is it going be to established, the time of establishment and what reason is it established for, are the most important in the issue. That is not a problem for us. I just want to tell you, we are Ready, we are not contesting someone to drag us back. I will tell all my supporters that nothing should get you scared, we are ready for it,” he said.

In the Audit report, chairman Sanneh said “Auditing is not a new thing and it doesn’t violate the law. Is just to investigate whether what should be done has been done and every good person should support that. We supported the idea very well. But the Audit queries from our end are not even a handful full and we can control them. We will give them everything they have asked us to give them”.

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