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BAC Chairman Says He Has Achieved More In His Tenure Than All Other Chairmen And Mayors Combined

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Sheriffo Sonko, Chairman of Brikama Area Council 

By Fatou Sillah 

Sherrifo Sonko, the Chairman of Brikama Area Council, in a press briefing says he has done more than the rest of the Chairman and Mayors put together 

“What Brikama Area Councils was able to achieve even if all the Seven regions combined together compared to one Brikama Area Councils alone, our developments, what we did is much more than any of them. When I came, there was no help for the needy students of the West Coast Region, last year I paid for about two hundred and eleven students. The Brikama Area Council is doing a lot for our people 

“I did things that have never happened in the history of the Gambia. Some are even for the first time ever in the subregion of West Africa. I have created a transparency system for the first time in the history of local Government fraternity in The Gambia and in the Subregion. That is the digital tax collection system. I have digitized the collection system of our taxes that none of the collectors can be able to steal funds from the Council,” He stated 

The BAC Chairman encourages the local government to make sure that digital tax collection becomes a requirement for all the councils 

“I’m encouraging the local Government to make sure this is a requirement for all the councils to practice this because it is easy for accountability. It is also transparent. I have also got brand new Zero Kilometres Trucks for the Brikama Area Council that has never happened before. Brikama Area Council never got its own brand-new garbage trucks. I am the first to buy those for the Council,” he said.

Sheriffo Added that he did not take any loan from the Bank to buy Garbage Trucks for BAC   

 “I did not take these loans from the Bank. What we collected is where we pay trucks and finished the payment without interest. When I came to the Council in 2018, there was no electricity in this Council. I went in to make sure that there was electricity in the Council. I have gone to Foni, who were deprived by the previous regimes of many amenities, and we dug boreholes for them,” He Added.

Sheriffo Sonko has withdrawn his name from the National People’s Party’s list of potential candidates for the upcoming party primary to select a party candidate for the May 20th chairmanship elections, effectively ending his bid for re-election for the Brikama Area Council.

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