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Athlete Wurrie Reveals Reasons She Chose Gambia Over USA

Wurrie Njadoe
Us-based Gambian athlete and gold medallist
(Photo: The Seattle Times)

By Landing Ceesay

The Us-based Gambian athlete, Wurrie Njadoe has revealed why she chose to represent the Gambia over the United States of America in the just ended Commonwealth Games in Birmingham, England.

She told Kerr Fatou in an exclusive interview that since the commencement of her athletic career, she had envisaged to represent the Gambia someday.

“From a young age, ever since I started athletics, I wanted to be doing it and represent my country one day. Of course, being in the US provided me with so many opportunities, and I am able to accomplish a lot of things because of the resources I’m surrounded with. But at the end of the day, I was born in The Gambia and I am a resource of The Gambia, as well.

“So it is very important that with the knowledge and everything I have gained that was provided for me being in the US, I came back to bring those resources to try to inspire those little girls. Also just because I grew up in a different country doesn’t mean that I am less a Gambian and I am American. So it is very important for me. From the young, I knew that I wanted to represent Gambia and I know that we don’t have the resources there that we need as athletes to really develop and really excel careers,” she said.

Wurrie further told this medium that athletes like Gina Bass and Ebrima Camara have made the impossible possible for them coming back to represent their country.

She added that it has inspired youth and Gambia to know that the less resources one may have, “doesn’t mean you can’t compete at the highest level”.

She said there are many gems in the Gambia, so people like her coming back to represent.

Born on 14th August 1997, Wurrie Njadoe, moved to the United States of America at the age of 9 from Sibito village in Kiang, Lower River Region in the Gambia.

Based in the United States of America as a Gambian athlete, Wurrie is also an all-American finisher in the long jump, which is the top 8th finisher of all collegiate athletes.

The 25-year-old decided to represent The Gambia, the country of her birth in July and August this year at the Commonwealth Games and Islamic Games in England and Turkey, respectively.
Njadoehelped The Gambia win a gold medal at the Islamic games in Konya in the women’s 400×100m relay.

The Sibito-born said there are a lot of gems in the Gambia, so people like her coming back to represent the Gambia is just to inspire and encourage others to know that they are also capable.

She is optimistic that her decision to represent the Gambia would inspire more people to invest in Gambian athletes.

Wurrie’s exclusive interview with Kerr Fatou would air later this week.

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