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April 10 and 11: Father recalls how he lost his 3-year old kid to a bullet


A father of a 3-year old Musa Semben killed during the April 10 and 11 student protest in 2000 told the Truth Commission that he has stopped watching the national television since the incident.

Ousman Semben dropped his 3-year old kid at school on April 10, 2000. After running some businesses for the day, he went home where he got the news that his kid was shot at his head.

“I was shocked when I heard it,” said Ousman before the Truth Commission on Wednesday.

Ousman quickly drove to Serrekunda hospital and was told his son was transferred to Edward Francis Small Teaching Hospital.

“I found Musa at the hospital and he was bleeding from his nose, mouth and ears…,” said Semben.

Musa could not get treatment from the Gambia. His father took him to Dakar where he passed away in June 2000.

“It was very hard—even if it were not for the money we spent—the family suffered… My wife suffered a lot because of it,” said Ousman.

“Musa is still missed….”

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