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Appeal of Gambian Wrestler Rejected In Senegal

Gambian wrestler
(Photo: Foroyaa)

By Buba Gagigo

Comite Nationale de Gestion de Lutte (CNGL) has rejected the appeal of Gambian wrestler Hoyontan and upheld the victory of his Senegalese opponent Baye Madione.

The information is stated in a letter dated 29 December 2021, which was made public on 6 January, 2022.

According to the letter, the Regulation and Disciplinary Committee validated the referee’s verdict claiming that the Referee blew his whistle before the fall took place.

Reacting to the verdict, Mr Matarr Saine Manager of Club Ndongo Ceesay said he will take the decision in good faith but still believes his wrestler (Hoyontan) won the bout.

“We did what the rules said because we were not in line with the final decision of the referee. Now that the appeal result is out, we can’t but take it in good faith. But the reality is there for everyone to see and the funny part is that they accepted that a fall did happen. Therefore, Baye Madione had his four contacts on the ground but they added that it happened after the referee had blown his whistle for the combat to stop. We are still saying that is wrong, the referee didn’t blow his whistle and I challenge them to see our evidence,” Saine said.

Nyang could not understand why Bombardier was given victory over Bala Gaye following his appeal and Hoyontan’s appeal rejected by the same committee:

“I just can’t understand how they awarded Bombardier victory and rejected ours because both actions started in the ring and finished outside. In fact, ours is more close to the ring than the one between Bombardier and Bala Gaye,” a dejected Saine added.

This is the second time Hoyontan and Baye Madione wrestled and each of them attracted controversy. Hoyontan won the one hosted in The Gambia while Baye Madione won the most recent meeting hosted in Senegal. It remains to be seen if a third meeting will be organised to determine who wins this battle.

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