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Alhaji Mamadi Kurang Endorses PDOIS

Alhaji Mamadi Kurang
Independent Presidential Aspirant

By Landing Ceesay

Independent presidential aspirant Alhaji Mamadi Kurang who was disqualified by the electoral commission has endorsed the People Democratic Organisation for Independence and Socialism’s (PDOIS) Presidential candidate Hon. Halifa Sallah.
“Ladies and Gentlemen, after so many consultations, with so many people. I have decided to make an endorsement. I hereby unconditionally endorse the PDOIS candidate, Mr Halifa Sallah, as the President on December 4th 2021. I believe Mr Sallah is committed to himself. We are going in a time, if we give him a chance to be one-term President, I believe that he would have no doubt committed himself to one term to bring institutional reform and equitable playing field that we have not been able to achieve since 2017.
“As an entrepreneur, I am not a socialist. As an economist and also an accountant, I would like to see a president that has an idea, the competence and the ability to identify economic problems and provide solutions to those problems. We wish to see a challenge and a fight in poverty and corruption. We wish to see universal education both at the tertiary and primary levels to be able to improve the lives of young people of this country. The youth for change wants to see security reform, a reform that is accompanied by education in engineering, technology and medicine. We thank our supporters for going with us, in this endorsement,” Mr Kurang said.
 Alhaji Mamadi Kurang’s endorsement of the PDOIS candidate came barely 48 hours after the Independent Electoral Commission turned down his appeal against the commission’s decision.
Mr Kurang described the IEC decision as “unfortunate” and “unjustifiable” without any legal basis.
He said they have legal and political rights to take part in elections.
“We have been having consultations with members, chairmen, District chairmen and ordinary members of this party, students and young people over the past few days on what is the way forward. After several consultations, we have a general agreement that we all agree that if we have to make an endorsement. The policies, the principles and the plans of the party or the candidate are important. The competence, the vision is equally important. We believe that we must have a candidate that can help us solve the economic issues and problems of this country. We also agree that the identity of youth for change must be maintained and we must continue to participate in elections. Be it the National Assembly election, councillor elections,” he said.
Alhaji Mamadi Kurang announced the endorsement of the PDOIS Presidential candidate on his official Facebook on Wednesday evening.

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