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‘Your ministers lost their credibility’ GDC Administrative Secretary Hit At Barrow

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Ebrima Nyang, GDC Administrative Secretary 1

By Buba Gagigo

Ebrima Nyang, the Administrative Secretary of the Gambia Democratic Congress (GDC), criticized President Barrow, saying that his ministers have lost their credibility and that his alliance does not have the numbers to give him the seats he needs.

“Your ministers lost their credibility, and the alliance is without the numbers to politically give you the seats you need. The alliance will claim every little success and will take ownership of it, but the fact remains, your Alliance partners and ministers have no influence over the people because they are far from the realities and lack social and honest interactions with the public.

“To the alliance they will do everything to protect the little interest that is there for them, but you must be very cognizant that your Alliance parties have no base or moral ground for the Gambians to listen to them. All these also couple with your bad leadership as Gambians are seriously feeling the pain of hunger and nothing is done or said by you,” he said.

Mr. Nyang went on to say that the President was canvassing for votes with his ministers and ambassadors, who he said have lost the respect of the Gambian people. He said that most of these ministers are not listened to or respected by the people.

“…and it is funny they are the same ones who are assuring you of winning a landslide victory in elections and most especially within greater Banjul. Despite all the efforts, the reality check is that if President Barrow only appointed these ministers to win an election, then he will never win an election again or dominate councils or Parliament,” he said.

Mr Nyang also said Gambians have lost respect for most of President Barrow’s ministers and political allies and said their credibility is in question.  

“Just compare the past governments where it was only enough for the ministers to campaign and win a majority in Parliament, Councils, Mayoral and Chairpersons. The brutal truth is trust is key and you, your ministers and political allies have lost it completely from the Gambians. All the elections the NPP contested they lost woefully despite your alliance parties who bend on making you believe that they made you won the 2021 Presidential election. We all know the 2021 Presidential election was a protest vote against Darboe with so many irregularities that have taken place.

“Why is it so difficult to gain the same momentum after the presidential election? With the state resources, many parties in alliance and still you are not happy with the outcome of your party’s result in the Parliamentary, councilor and Mayoral and Chairpersons’ election. Mr. President, most of your Ministers and parties in alliance are political liabilities because no meaningful impact can be realized by you from them,” he said.

He said it is an insult that president Barrow’s partners, ministers, ambassadors can’t do the job until he (the president) has to be on the ground campaigning.

“What they are making you believe isn’t the fact that the NPP is a new party but a ruling party for that matter, besides, we all know that your alliance has nothing to do with you winning in the provincial Gambia. You have tried to kill the GDC, but just looked at how easy it was to bring the NPP to its feet with simple endorsements of candidates from other parties. Mr. President, the GDC brought you into power in 2016 as the change maker, reduce your chances to zero in the 2023 Mayoral and Chairpersons’ election and will remove you in 2026 Presidential election Insha Allah,” he concluded.

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