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Undermining gov’t policy for political consideration unacceptable—Pres. Barrow


The Gambian leader has sworn in two ministers and the secretary general and head of civil service on Thursday.

“It is not acceptable for anyone entrusted a position of trust to undermine the Government’s policies and programmes for political considerations,” said President Barrow on Thursday. The Gambian leader made the statement as he addressed the new ministers of defence and interior after their swearing-in ceremony at State House.

Last month Barrow appointed Sheikh Omar Faye as Minister of Defence and Yankuba Sonko as Minister of Interior. He also appointed Muhammed B.S. Jallow as the secretary general.

Barrow said what the country needs “are the right people to take responsibility for our institutions, and lead the implementation of our policies and programmes”. The Gambian leader is a coalition leader who came to power on the backing of 7 political parties and 3 independent candidates.

However, the coalition has now disintegrated following tension between the Gambian leader and his coalition partners. This was followed by dispute between Barrow and his United Democratic Party.

Analyst said the current political climate has exacerbated the fragile political situation in the country. Meanwhile, the Gambian leader has also explained the rationale for his recent ministerial appointments.

“Peace, security and the rule of law are key factors for stability. With this in view, I decided to let go the portfolio of Minister of Defence to ensure that we have a Ministry, under a Cabinet Minister to lead the sector reforms we so strongly belief in and desire to implement. It is in this context that we have a new Minister of Defence,” said Barrow.

“Because it is also important to fast track the internal security sector reforms, I trust that with the new Interior Minister, a sharper focus and more urgency will attend the security reform programme.

“I am glad that both Ministers have the expertise and experience to strengthen the peace, security, stability and rule of law we have established so far. In the current democratic dispensation, both the security personnel and the civilians must play their role. Key, in this regard, is respect for the rule of law.”

The Gambian leader said his priority is to put the country’s governance institutions “in the right form”.


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