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UDP Diaspora Chairman Mboge Saidykhan Confirms Momodou Sabally’s Move to NPP

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Mboge Saidykhan, Diaspora Chairman, United Democratic Party.

By Fatou Sillah

Mboge Saidykhan, the Diaspora Chairman of the United Democratic Party (UDP), has officially confirmed that Momodou Sabally, the National Campaign Manager of UDP, has left the party to join President Adama Barrow’s National People’s Party (NPP).

Despite Sabally’s previous criticism of the NPP, rumours have circulated about his official shift to the party, a claim now substantiated by Saidykhan.

“After more than two weeks of investigation, I can confirm that the news is true. Momodou Sabally has indeed joined the NPP,” said Saidykhan.

Saidykhan took the opportunity to counsel UDP members, especially those in the Diaspora, urging them to be patient during this period of change.

“I’m here to advise UDP members, particularly those in the Diaspora. This situation can be stressful, considering our shared history with Sabally. We have respected him within the party, but if he chooses to leave and express dissatisfaction, all we can do is thank him for his time with us,” advised Mboge.

He emphasized the transient nature of political alliances, stating, “There are no permanent friends or enemies in politics. Let’s reflect on the past and understand that people have left the party before, joining other political groups, and it hasn’t altered the essence of the UDP. While it may be disheartening, let’s approach this with understanding and refrain from making statements that could harm relationships.”

Saidykhan clarified that the UDP did not engage in any negative actions against Sabally, emphasizing his voluntary decision to leave.

“In the Gambia, we are all one family. If Momodou Sabally left the UDP, it was his choice. He joined us willingly, and if he chooses to leave, we should express gratitude for the time he spent with us. Sabally did not accuse us of mistreatment or wrongdoing; he made this decision independently. We should hold onto our unity,” urged Saidykhan.

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