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Two Senegalese Trek to Meet President Barrow In Banjul

The Minister of Youths and Sports, Bakary Y. Badjie, at Arch 22, in Banjulreceiving Senegalese Nationals Samba Sey and Kalilu Baldeh who trekked from Senegal to meet President Adama Barrow in Banjul on 16th April 2022.

By Landing Ceesay

Senegalese Nationals Samba Sey and Kalilu Baldeh trekked from Senegal to meet President Adama Barrow in Banjul.

The duo were received on behalf of the President by the Minister of Youths and Sports, Bakary Y. Badjie, at Arch 22, in Banjul.

Shortly after receiving them, Minister Badjie informed them the President could not come out to welcome them due to his many engagements.

“We are in the month of Ramadan and there are too many programmes. That’s why the President didn’t come and meet you people today. But if you look at it, both the president and ministers are equally important, it is just that the president is the boss, that’s why he sent us here to receive you people. The President is aware that you people are coming from Senegal by foot to meet him and we were expecting you yesterday but you didn’t come. So things are very tied and programs are too much for him (President) that’s why he couldn’t meet you.

“But we will communicate to him what you told us, and we will communicate to you what he told us. What is more important is that the President, who is the leader of the country, knows that you are here and he is happy about that. The reason you are here to see him for, he would continue to do that by strengthening democracy and to maintain the peace between Gambia and Senegal,” Minister Badjie said.

 Meanwhile, Samba Sey, one of the men said they walked from Senegal to Banjul to show their happiness and appreciation to President Barrow, on his efforts to strengthen democracy in The Gambia.

“If you look at it today, in all the televisions in The Gambia, you can sit there and say whatever you want to, and nothing will happen to you. However, before President Barrow, no one was mad at that time in the Gambia. We are also happy to have him working hand in glove with President Macky Sall, in building the Senegambia Bridge. Now Senegalese People can come to Gambia, do their business, and go back to Senegal immediately. Gambians also can go to Senegal, do their business and come back to Gambia without delay, that’s something we are so proud and happy about,” Mr. Sey said.

The duo started their journey in Wellingara in Senegal on 29th March 2022, and arrived in Banjul earlier on Saturday. They walked about 400km in 14 days.

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