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Gambia Action Party’s Christmas Message

Musa Yali Batchilly
SG & Party leader GAP

The Gambia Action Party under the stewardship of Hon Musa Ousainou Yali Batchilly, joins the rest of the Christian community in the Gambia and around the globe in this year’s Christmas celebrations. As the world is hold at hostage by COVID-19, this year’s celebrations will look different.

Fellow Gambians, the Gambia Action Party is committed to religious tolerance that our nation is known for more than half a century. In our quest to maintain peace and stability in the Gambia, GAP led government will give zero tolerance to the religious violence, inequality and discrimination amongst religious groups in the country. During the moment when our nation is surrounded by uncertainty, we always bonded ourselves together backed by commonalities, love of country, love of life and pursue of happiness coupled with mutual respect, love and interest for the betterment of our nation.

This avail us the much needed time to live in harmony regardless of our religious views and affiliations. The Gambian citizenry celebrates all the feasts together, whether one is Muslim or Christian and this trend shall be maintained by a GAP led administration. We urge everyone to value human existence, peace and tranquility as well as maturity in handling our individual differences. To our Christian brothers and sisters in the Gambia and around the world, we wish you a joyous Christmas celebrations.

The 2020 Christmas festival is different from the previous celebrations, cognizant of the fact that life still remains different as so many lives are lost, infected with COVID-19, misplaced or hampered by the pandemic and social distancing be adhered. We hope that next year’s event will be back to normalcy where families, friends and loved ones will sit around the round tables to celebrate at the usual way without fears of the virus.

Fellow Gambians, ladies and gentlemen; our country is a property of everyone and we all have the same constitutional mandate binding on us to maintain our peaceful coexistence to ensure that our daily commitments are reached. A path that we urge everyone to value and task him or herself. We take this this opportunity to call for unity, genuineness and integrity in our daily tasks. We must be conscious of the fact that, nations has witnessed divisions and tribal conflicts as well as fractions amongst the people. We must be sensitive that this country cannot afford to follow those nations we take as examples today, the bone of contention before ourselves is to ensure that history is proud of every Gambian.

Equally, we used this endeavour to call for political calmness, unity and oneness. Our different political ideologies are a clear manifestation that our strength as a nation lies on unity, but not a sign of divisiveness or cowardice. To my fellow party leaders, I humbly recommend we preach peace amongst our surrogates to do away from sentiments that will further polarize our nation and the path that we cannot afford to joke with. Let us accommodate one another to give chance for the common good.

Secretary General & Party Leader of GAP,
Hon. Musa Ousainou Yali Batchilly.

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