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Trust Bank Donates Items Valued at GMD 250,000 To Tanka Tanka Psychiatric Hospital.

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Mrs. Njilan Senghore, Managing Director, Trust Bank, Gambia, presenting some of the donated items to Tanka Tanka staff

By Fatou Sillah

The management of Trust Bank on Monday donated items worth two hundred and fifty thousand dalasis to the Tanka Tanka Psychiatric Hospital in Salagi. The Donation is part of the Bank’s annual Corporate Social Responsibility presentation made to health care facilities across the country.

During the presentation ceremony, Njilan Senghore, the Managing Director of Trust Bank, highlighted the crucial role played by Tanka Tanka in offering care to individuals grappling with mental health challenges. Senghore expressed the significance of Tanka Tanka as a safe haven and sanctuary for those in need, underlining the hospital’s role in providing refuge, proper care, and a path toward healing and recovery.

Senghore stated,
”Tanka Tanka plays a vital role in providing a safe haven for those in need and a sanctuary, where individuals battling mental illnesses can find refuge, receive proper care, and embark on their journey towards healing and recovery. This hospital serves as a beacon of hope, ensuring that no one faces their struggles alone and that support is readily available.

Our Corporate Social Responsibility program is grounded on the principles of sharing and caring, and we believe this donation is a great way to give back to our communities. It is a continuation of a journey that started over a decade ago with the strategic objective of complimenting governments’ efforts of transforming the lives of more people with mental health problems in this country, improving the lives of countless individuals, giving them the chance to rediscover joy, reclaim their identities, and contribute positively to society once again,”

Addressing the critical nature of mental health challenges, Senghore emphasized that mental health problems are among the most pressing health issues, affecting an increasing number of people and causing immense suffering to affected families. She stressed that Trust Bank’s choice to donate to the Tanka Tanka Psychiatric Hospital, responsible for caring for and treating individuals with mental health issues, is highly relevant.

“A mental health challenge is one of the most critical health problems and probably among the least understood. It affects more and more people and causes untold suffering to the families of the afflicted. It is a drawback on our human resources and constitutes a financial drain upon both the public and personal family finances.

“That is why at Trust Bank we believe that the choice of donating to the Tanka Tanka Psychiatric Hospital, responsible for providing care and treatment for our brothers and sisters with mental health issues, is most appropriate,” She Said.

Haddy Lemon, the deputy Chief Matron of Edward Francis Small Teaching Hospital, expressed gratitude to Trust Bank for their ongoing support. She acknowledged the contribution of cleansing materials, essential for maintaining a clean environment for mentally challenged individuals. Lemon emphasized the humane aspect of caring for the patients and how Trust Bank’s donations significantly contribute to their well-being.

“You have been coming here and bringing a lot of materials, there are a lot of cleansing materials which will help in the management of the environment of the patient, we all know they are mentally challenged individuals, but they are human beings as well, their environments need to be clean, so you are giving us all this cleansing materials will go a long way in ensuring that they are well-kept,” She said.

Bakary Camara, the Matron of Tanka Tanka, extended thanks to Trust Bank for their gesture, assuring them that the donated items would be put to good use. The acknowledgment highlighted the importance of community support in ensuring the effective care and treatment of individuals facing mental health issues.

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