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‘They Will Pay The Price’ Rongo Accused Jammeh Bojang, Buah Saidy & Yusufa Gomez of Selling His Lands

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Modou Lamin Jarju Alias Rongo speaking at a press conference last Sunday

By Buba Gagigo

Modou Lamin Jarju, also known as Rongo, has accused Jammeh Bojang of Lamin village, Buah Saidy, the current Governor of the Central Bank of the Gambia, and Yusupha Gomez of Lamin village of selling his lands.

Rongo’s allegations against these three individuals came after the Alkalos of Lamin, Mandinary, Kubariko, and Yundum, along with other surrounding villages, held a press conference last week. The Alkalos stated that Rongo and his family are not among the early settlers of Kombo and therefore have no inheritance of land in the area.

Rongo, a resident of Banjulding, spoke at a counter press conference last Sunday.

“Jammeh Bojang is behind everything. Jammeh Bojang is selfish, I know Jammeh Bojang very well. He and the Central Bank Governor (Buah Saidy) took my lands and sold them. I have the records. Yusupha Gomez is also among them. They hide behind so-called VDC and sold my lands. They want the government but the government refused to give them a permit. They have stopped them from developing anything on the Land and they will pay the price,” he said.

During a press conference held by the Alikalo of Lamin and the surrounding villages, the elders claimed that there is no village called Babylon. They said that Babylon is part of their lands and that it was their grandparents who gave the land to a Fula cattle herder named Babilo. Rongo, however, disputed these claims. He said that the first settler of Babylon was Bilondo Jarju.

“In 1840, Bilondo Jarju established the area called Babylon. The fort was built to deter Portuguese intrusion, which had begun a few decades earlier when Prince Henry sent Alviso Cadamosto to spy on the region. Cadamosto met with Bilondo Jarju and his brother, Fung Jarju, during his visit. Bonen Bojang was the king at the time.” Rongo said.

Rongo also disputed Yundum Alkalo Ousman Bojang’s claim that Yundum was the first settlement in the area and that it was established by his ancestral family.

“Yundum was established in 1560 by our ancestral family, Yundo Jarju. The name Yundum is derived from his name. At the time, Yundum was not a settlement, but a security post. Yundo Jarju was the one who detected the “Ninkenanka” (snake) that was living in the area with its twin partner. The current Yundum Alkalo, Ousman Bojang, has said that when his family arrived in the area, there was no village. He does not know the history of Yundum. I know the current Yundum Alkalo and his father. His father’s name was Karamo Bojang.

“People used to come to my father to learn about the history of Kombo. Ousman cannot tell me history. He even admitted that the Bojangs came to Kombo. When they arrived, they met my great-grandparents. My great-grandparents are the rightful owners of Kombo. We are the rightful owners of the Yundum that he is referring to. The Yundum Alkalo is only making things difficult for himself because I did not involve him in the dispute. The people I took to court are the Makumbayaa Alkalo, the Alkalo of Lamin, the Alkalo of Kubariko, and the Alkalo of Banjulinding. They are the ones who sold my land. He has put himself in a difficult situation and he will pay the price.” Rondo warned.

Rongo also responded to one Jerreh Sanyang who said he use to fetch water for one Ekotri Janneh and also claim Rongo’s father use to farm for his mother.

“Jerreh Sanyang’s claims are not true. Landing Ekotri Janneh was received by my grandparents and father here. He’s from Kankang. He said he use to take water for him, that’s not true. Do you know when Lamin got water? It was in the later part of 1984. And my father was the reason for them to get water. They were using wells since colonial times. It was my dad who appeal to the minister of Works at the time for them to have water. 

“At what time was he bringing water to him there was a tap at his compound gate with the help of my father. Asked anyone in Banjulding here. He also said my father use to come from Makumbayaa and he (Rongo’s father) use to farm for his mother. I know his parents, they are never farmers. His father use a mat waver and was not a farmer. Whatever he was saying was a lie and I can prove it. Jarrah sold my Land to one man in the Diaspora and I have all the records,” he said.

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